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Out of all the driving tips for increasing that mpg number, the number one tip, to me, is driving technique. On my worst tank (21.2 mpg), I was in the city doing jackrabbit acceleration and stopping, and long idle time.

By avoiding jackrabbit acceleration and stopping as well as long idle, I got 25+ mpg in similar driving settings.

percentage difference between those two numbers: about 18%
On one tank with the tires at 32 PSI and the driving setting in mostly highway:

the mpg number (28.4 )

On the next tank with the tires at 35 PSI , same driving setting and style:

the mpg number (33.558)

The improvement due to increase of the tire pressure: 18.16%

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Drafting Trucks

As an ex trucker getting ready to go back out on the road, I can say I'm again concerned.
If you think truckers don't mind you riding their butts, you should listen to the C.B. more. Often referred to as 'a$$lickers', you put a trucker in a position of having to 'babysit' you, when after he's been slugging it out with traffic for 10-18 hours, (yes, they do) he now has lost his braking zone, and with cars beside him he has lost his maneuvering ability, and he has to keep a constant watch on where you are (if he can even see you) while constantly measuring his speed, distance, road conditions, traction, driver anticipations, and factoring all that into his current vehicle weight, while worrying about his load in back and ten gauges he has to watch.

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Originally Posted by riverm View Post

Let?s talk now about Economy and Business. Did you heard of {deleted}?

Everybody feels concerned by:

These days in Canada the gasoline average $1,30CAN / liter and in the USA it is $3.70/Gallon. In France it?s 1,46? / liter (That is $2,20CAN /liter and $8,00US/ Gallon)That really bad?

Let me tell you? I am doing business with a member of my family in Quebec, Joan Morand. Her job is to contact and to meet the persons who want to have more information on that way to saving gasoline.
This product is produced for China for more than 20 years. It was for industrial use only. United Nations recognized it in 1995 as the best for environment and gas saving. It is available to consumers in North America Since the end of June, 2008.

Joan could explain to you that a person who makes a full gas tank of gasoline a week can save up to $500 a year.... and at the same time, do a lot for environment.

I received a testimony of a truck driver last week. He drives a 53 feet truck. He drives Montreal-Vancouver. It is Long drive! He has normally a monthly bill of fuel around $6500. He uses that product for 1 and a half month now and his monthly bill is now $5000/month. He makes a monthly saving of $1500. He say Thanks for this economy because it pays his truck payment. Not so bad!!!

It doesn?t matter which vehicle you have, with Diesel or not! You can save between 15 in 25 % in fuel!!! All I have is your email. So, I need more information like your phone number and where you live, my canadian partner will contact you to give you the information and she can explain to you how you can get it for yourself. But if you prefer, contact Joan directly at {deleted}.

I hope you can write me back soon.

Best Regards,

Martin Brochu
To contact me (from Canada or USA): {deleted}
Email: {deleted}
Web site: {deleted}

PS: We are looking for distributors too. So, if you are an entrepreneur in Canda and USA and if you see the opportunity offered with this new product, the company offers $500 of free gasoline to new distributors as a welcome gift...
This product sucks!

Just take a look at my 11 last fuel tank!

It is now my last tank running with that $h1t!

Hope I will be able to came back to lower 5' liter/100km...
92 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 4G63 A/T AWDTturbo 12.122@112.9 mph 0-60MPH:3.6s 50-75MPH:2.4s ,2x 92 Honda Civic VX (4.7l/100km)
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Maybe the article "201 Tips To Save Gas" should be sorted by practicality of the tips? Be a big job!

Main Entry: co de pen dence - see codependency
co de pen den cy
Pronunciation: \kō-di-ˈpen-dən(t)-sē\
Function: noun
Date: 1979

: a psychological condition or a relationship in which a person is controlled or manipulated by another who is affected with a pathological condition (as an addiction to alcohol or heroin) ; broadly : dependence on the needs of or control by another
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Originally Posted by AlainB7 View Post
This product sucks!

Just take a look at my 11 last fuel tank!

It is now my last tank running with that $h1t!
It has exploding nano-clusters!
How can ANYTHING with exploding nano-clusters be bad?

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Originally Posted by Geonerd View Post
How can ANYTHING with exploding nano-clusters be bad?

Introducing all new Exploding Nano Clusters Cereal! With nut and honey nanoclusters that explode in your mouth! Nano Clusters!!
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I prefer Pop Rocks cereal with exploding nano-clusters...

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be at home and do something
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Hello everyone! I thought I might share what I learned when taking my drivers license. Here in sweden we wont pass the drivers license if we don't drive economical.
And sorry for bad spelling. I can speak great english and also read. But when I write it's like I'm a 5y old. Since I don't know how to spell many words I use other, less fitting words. But I hope you all can read and understand.

So here's some things that I've learned in class.
* Plan your driving, look ahead so you avoid hard breaking and accelerating.
* Gearing. Use an higher gear if possible. Avoid running your engine ower 3000. Most newer cars can use the 5:th gear at 50km ph
* Don't "step on it" Drive with a even throttle(?) Especialy when going up-hull, and use the next one when going downhill.
*(my favorite) Let the engine do your breaking. Using your pedal is allways unnecessary. Letting your engine do the breaking can COMPLEATLY choke the fuelsupply(at about 1600-1200(lower for diesel cars)). When decreasing under 1200(lower for diesel cars) just gear down.
* Having the right pressure in your tyres. And yes even more than the recomended pressure(about 10-15%). This will also decrease the wear to your tyres.
* You know this boxes for extra storage that you put on the top of the car? Can't find a translation for it but hey, its a big box for storage. Like this:
Just remove it whenever you don't use it. Also remove anything heavy that you dont use.
* In sweden it's cold in the winters. You get the idea if listening to accept - winter dreams. So this is just for you who live in the parts of the US or anywhere else where its cold
Don't know the name again but "engine heater" gave 17 500 000 resaults on google so well use that:
Engine heater!! Starting a cold engine use a lot(!!!) of gasoline.
This is in Celsius but I used this great "Celsius to Fahrenheit Converter"
+10C/50F use the engine heater for ~20 minutes.
0C/32F use the engine heater for ~60 minutes.
-15C/-59F or colder: use the engine heater for ~90 minutes.
Last weak when we had ~-95F the car wouldnt even start unless we used the engine heater first.
* Regulary give the car service. Clean air filters, ceal oil and good sparking plugs makes the engine run better and reduces the miles per gallon(if I type mpg I think of .mpg and get disoriented haha).
* Whenever your not moving, shut of the engine. When the engine is idling it's using more fuel than you might think.
* The AC uses up to 0.0264172 gallon(damn americans and your metrics system! haha) per 6.21371 miles. Well it's not that much but if you don't need it, don't use it. (this was converted from 1 deciliter per 10 km)

Thats about it. Anyone, feel free to correct spelling, convertations etc. As I said, my spelling is as bad as a 5year old's. In fact, anyone
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we have many members outside the states, so we don't generally correct spelling.

i would like to comment on your DFCO(deceleration fuel cut off or engine braking) suggestion, which is a good one. depending on application, neutral coasting can yield good gains as well, on longer stretches of road for example. i use both techniques.

oh, and welcome to the site BTW!

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