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Platinum Fuel Saver

I have bought and installed one of the Platinum Fuel Savers and had excellent results. My baseline MPG before installation was 16.2 and now it is 19.7. I drive a 2003 Toyota Tundra V8.

What I wanted to know is if anyone else has tried the Platinum Fuel Saver and what their results were?

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cowboyjack. Man, a name like that deserves this:
'26 Songs of the Old West' CD. Great old songs.

PM your mailing address and it will be on the way. I'm your neighbor in Colorado.

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OK, I'll bite.....What is the "Platinum Fuel Saver"?
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The "Platinum Fuel Saver" is a device that adds platinum into the combustion chamber to increase combustion efficiency. It supposed to burn any unburnt fuel, similar to what your cat converter does.

I haven't tried it, but this article has some food for thought;

Basically, it says that the Platinum Fuel Saver doesn't do anything.....
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is platinum like really expensive?? like a lot more expensive than gas?
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I've seen a lot of snake oil over the years. If this is another I don't know but I'd suggest buyer beware.
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Originally Posted by thisisntjared View Post
is platinum like really expensive?? like a lot more expensive than gas?
Silver Bullion 12.93 12.93 12.81 12.87 0.02
Gold Bullion 664.00 664.00 660.00 660.00 3.00
Platinum 1,313.00 1,313.00 1,308.00 1,308.00
Palladium 369.00 369.00 368.00 368.00 0.00

Looks expensive eh?
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Yeah I remember seeing this stuff as a gas additive years and years ago at Walmart - platinum is a great catalist and the only real question is there really platinum in the juice" that they are selling. Getting 19.6mpg is about normal for that truck BTW and 16 is low. My friend has sold his old 12 year old Tundra for a newer one with the smaller V8 and he is still getting about 19mpg and doesn't baby it. He does however tow a lot of stuff and the big cab that seats 5 adults is the main reason for the upgrade.
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Platinum Vapor Injection

Originally Posted by SL8Brick View Post
OK, I'll bite.....What is the "Platinum Fuel Saver"?
The ultimate in ignorance is displayed by those who reject, out of hand, that which they know nothing about.

Edit by 101MPG:
Ignorance simply is lack of knowledge. Stupidity is using the word ignorant and its variants in place of the word stupidity.

This is your public warning from the moderators - no name calling or trying to call others stupid.

That being said, Google Platinum vapor fuel catalyst.
A catalytic process using the well known, proven properties of platinum to improve the complete burning of fuel.The Platinum Vapor Solution and device to apply the solution invented by a Mensa engineer back in the mid seventies to improve the combustion cycle of Oil fired boilers this worked very well, saving, sometimes over forty percent in heating bills for apartment houses along the Eastern Seaboard. Some other benefits recorded at that time were an attendant reduction of soot and harmful emissions from the exhaust stacks of the boiler fireboxes.. Being the enterprising engineer that he is, the inventor extended his invention to the combustion processes of the internal combustion engine. Yup fellers, when properly applied, works very well. Proper application is well covered and documented by the people holding the patents to this day.
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Actually, the ultimate in ignorance is shown by those who accept dubious claims without proof, and throw their money away. Check this link, and note the EPA found no measurable improvement from the Platinum Gassaver.

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