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Question for all of you

I have a rust bucket CRX HF that smokes badly.. burns about a qt of oil every two fill ups...

I found a HF motor with everything including tranny harness ect with only 115k on it. $100.00 for it and it doesnt burn oil.. should I get it and put it in or use the one that burns oil.. I only need the car for another year until I graduate college. I drive about 400 miles a week so 20k miles or so

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$100 for a decent motor sounds like a real good deal.
If you pass it up and your engine has a meltdown you'll probably pay a lot more.

Do some math.
1 qt. per every ? miles
I dunno, maybe you get 400 mi/tank? Would be 1 qt/800 miles.
So 20K miles / 800 mi = 25 qts used over the 20k miles.
At $2/qt the oil is cheaper than the replacement engine - however...

Of course the other question is will the oil burner last 20K miles if its using that much oil now? And maybe the replacement can easily be given new seals and whatever before you drop it in so it should be problem-free for a good while.

Currently getting +/- 50 mpg in fall weather. EPA is 31/39 so not too shabby. WAI, fuel cutoff switch, full belly pan, smooth wheel covers.

Now driving '97 Civic HX; tires ~ 50 psi. '89 Volvo 240 = semi-retired.
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I vote for the $100 used engine w/ tranny. If you stick w/ your current oil burning engine, you're looking at about $40 for oil plus more gas for the poor fuel economy of an obviously worn engine. The used engine and tranny should almost pay for itself in no oil used and better FE....AND you won't spewing as many harmful emissions. And after you junk the car in 20k miles, the engine and tranny will still be worth something.
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I'd go for the replacement engine as well. That way, rust bucket or not, if you advertise with the mpg it gets there will still be a residiual value when you sell it. If you don't drop the new engine in you'll get next to nothing for it when you sell it. So it's not just a question of how much is the new engine compared to how much does the oil cost but also, what will the car be worth when I sell it. If you take that into account I think dropping the new engine in will be the smarter move. I guess it depends though if you can do it yourself or know someone who can do it cheap.
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I'd vote for the engine as well... if anything, it will make the car much more attractive to sell inthe future.

Besides, the cost of the oil probably really ads up. I'm sure you'll get a bit better fuel economy out of it as well.

Oh, and then you can sell your old engine to a scrap yard, and the transmission to someone on gassavers
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RickyD -

The $100 motor. Sounds like a deal. Matt's points are good.

Old School SW2 EPA ... New School Civic EPA :

What's your EPA MPG?
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I agree with buying the engine as well, pull all the good parts off it and either keep them or sell them, and sell the rest of the block as scrap and make that $100 back right there, then when you sell the car it will be worth $500-1000 more then with an oil burning engine as long as the body isn't cracked in half.
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Hey guys thanks for all of the answers...

I picked up the motor today and it turned out to be a D15b2 16v motor. I bought it anyway because for $100.00 you cannot go wrong.. Came with every thing complete. tranny, clutch, harness, FI, ect. What do I have to do to get the best possible MPG out of this motor. I was thinking the HF tranny for sure. Do I need to change the ecu or should the stock one work? I wouldnt mind keeping it a 16v for a little more get up.


Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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