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Well, being totally optional, it would have to be cheap enough to pay for itself quickly or nobody would do it and the 3rd-party companies would go out of business (or the insurance companies would kill the program if they ran it themselves).

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you're right. that may be the reason they don't offer any right now. either that or nobody THINKS that anyone would be willing to do it.

a lot of times, the reason good ideas fall to the wayside is that a proper study isn't done to see if it is a viable enough idea to make money.

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Originally Posted by BEEF View Post
that may be where I am strange (yet again)...
me too...

...a peculiar people, a royal preasthood, a holy nation...
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i do know for a fact state farm has an additional "test"/forms to fill out by a new driver and his/her parents to get cheaper rates. its like additional driving hours and in different conditions. i think it spans over a few months too.

im sure thier site has somehting on it but i cant remember the exact name of it...
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to get back to the original issue: what if the guy in back was the one with the 7k lb excursion. or better yet, if he weren't on drugs. after all, THAT's what caused the accident.
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Originally Posted by VetteOwner View Post
i do know for a fact state farm has an additional "test"/forms to fill out by a new driver and his/her parents to get cheaper rates.
No kidding? That's really cool. I should check 'em out.

Main Entry: co de pen dence - see codependency
co de pen den cy
Pronunciation: \kō-di-ˈpen-dən(t)-sē\
Function: noun
Date: 1979

: a psychological condition or a relationship in which a person is controlled or manipulated by another who is affected with a pathological condition (as an addiction to alcohol or heroin) ; broadly : dependence on the needs of or control by another
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yea heres part about it from thier site

Steer Clear? Safe Driver Discount

Steer Clear Safe Driver Discount - In order to initially qualify for this discount, the following requirements must be met:

1. All male and unmarried female drivers under 25 years of age who are assigned to the automobile must:
* have no at-fault accidents or moving violations in the three year period prior to the time the discount is initially applied (Note - In some states certain accidents and moving violations may not disqualify you), and
* have successfully completed the State Farm Steer Clear program, which needs to be administered by a State Farm agent. The program includes the driver watching a video presentation, reading a safe-driving magazine and completing a driver's log to document driving experiences.
2. All private passenger automobiles in the household must be insured with State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company or State Farm Fire And Casualty Company (however, none can be written under an assigned risk plan).

yea its got its stipulations but its somehting....
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Ben with State Farm for decades. The wife and I pay about $100 per month for our 3 cars. 02 Insight, 09 Rogue, 98 Mercedes SLK 230. We carry $1000 deductible collision on the Rogue, laibility and comprehensive on all 3 cars. 0 deductible on glass replacement, and uninsured motorists, maybe towing.

Accident free for 2 decades, except for damage done by other drivers. I was hit in the rear sitting at a traffic light, and she got whacked by a boom box that flew out of a Camaro that made a left turn, blind, into a power company truck.

We get multi car discounts, safe driver discounts, and they even give negative points for a certain number of years without a ticket.

When a rock hit the Benz windshield, they even put a new MB (not aftermarket) windshield in the car. Normally it would cost about $150, but the OE glass bumped the bill to $550. THEY told me I could have an OE glass if I wanted. Naturally I said "Of course".

I have had insurance with them since the mid 1960's. At 23 I paid $285 a year on a 59 Corvette. I knew some guys that were paying over $2000 then due to their driving records.

The last speeding ticket for me was the week Princess Diana died, at a notorious local speedtrap called Emporia. Cop sitting the bottom of a hill that my cruise control would not slow me down enough to stay below the threshold.

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When I was 24 I was driving a 73 ford land ship or an LTD; she was driving an Acura. I was driving on a back road and saw a car through the brush speeding into a kiss your butt good by turn. I hit my brakes and got stopped before lady hit my car.

She hit me with her front driver side corner and hit me right on my driver side front tire. The front of my car moved about a foot to the side and I bent my A arm, a little of the frame, and messed up the fender. Her car flew back 12’ and landed on the other side of the ditch. All the body panels were bent, engine was sitting on the firewall, air bags went off, but it was sitting on the 3 tires that it still had on the car; the forth tire was in the ditch on the passenger side of my car.

The cop told me that I had either moved my car or there was another car involved. Because I told the cop he was wrong he wrote it up as my fault. I had I had pics of the accident that I took and measurements of the black marks. I ended up going to a lawyer that dealt with accidents and he decided it was not my fault and she flipped out at the judge when she was told it was her fault.

Right now my house has 2 of 09 lift back Yaris’s and I don’t car what the news comes out to tell the un educated public about. I have had lots of people come and tell me how unsafe my car is. They do not know what there car will do in the same crash when the weights are different with in a percentage.

What I’m trying to say is this is nothing new. Too need to talk to some of the older people that ran on fire departments for years and have seen things like this for years. I was on a volunteer fire department when I was in high school and I saw plenty of wrecks that had huge differences in weight that led to the light car to do something that most people would think was unreasonable.

CNN made a huge deal about the Yaris but did not show the video of the wreck. Fox shows pics of what they call a Yaris but looks like the IQ to me. The Yaris sedan did not look that great but it is 3% of front end wrecks.

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