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Old picture...

But the simple removal of just the windscreen on this bike helped increase top speed by 1.5 MPH. Taking off the windscreen and the front fairing increased top speed by a total of 4 MPH. Lots of production bodywork is based pretty much on styling.

In production based racing, which most motorcycle racing is, you have to run a body that is very closely based on the production unit.

Buell actually does do a lot of work on the aerodynamics of their bikes.

Coyote X, what bike are you thinking about putting a windshield on.

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I was thinking of putting it on my DR650. I have no problems with the wind on me or anything like that. The only reason I had was for mileage. But since the only windshields that are made for that bike are like 25 inches tall I just kind of gave up on it and didn't worry about it.

The bike really isn't bad since it gets 50+mpg. Changing to knobby tires has helped my mileage though for sure. I can't do 80 on knobbies and between 60-70 they shake bad so I am mainly driving just under 60 now

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You've got to get a thread going to tell us about that trip. My first camera was a Brownie. Started taking pictures in 1979 IIRC. Some of the good ol' days just will always be that.

My mom grew up in Alaska, and when her dad made the trip to the States (she lived there before Alaska was even a state), I remember that he said you always take an extra windshield.

I TOTALLY would love to hear about that trip and some of the 17000 miles you put on that bike that year. Just freaking awesome! =)

Originally Posted by QDM View Post
Unfortunately they didn't have digital cameras in 78, so it's a scan of a 4X6 print.

I went via the Alcan which was about 1400 miles of gravel road back then. Nowadays it's all paved. I covered a total of 17000 miles on the scooter that summer.

Looking to trade for an early 1988 Honda CRX HF (Pillar mounted seat belts)
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in my experience with wind shields, wind shields are generally more aerodynamic than a rider. if you are pushing lots of air aside with your body, a proper windhsield could help you. If you are not pushing any air aside, a bigger shield will decrease your miles per gallon. Also, helmets seem to be pretty Aerodynamic. I am pretty sure it won't be to bad for your mileage if your helmet is pushing some air around it. For me, tucking was more benificial to mileage and speed on the moped. A nice windscreen brought my top speed up by three miles per hour(mind you, my moped had some serious modifications.) You should consider getting a veypor, they measure everything, including drag
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Quater Fairing

One of my old bikes from the 1980's was a 1980 Honda 750F, Black on Black, it was a beautiful machines to say the least. When I used to ride on the highway, I would have an enormous pressure, like a foot on my chest. I added a 39 dollar quarter fairing and the foot on my chest was gone and my mileage went from 47 to 53. I think Craig Vetter got 74 mpg with one of his fairings on a sportster in the late 70's. If you want to take a sim ride on my old bike, get Tourist Trophy for Playstation 2, they got the exact same bike I had. Also one of my favorite of the aero bikes was the British Quasar, the precursor to Akira's sit down bike.
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Windshields are pretty easy to cut down. Sometimes a small windscreen will help mpg and mph.
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I'd figure on the sweet spot being a well canted windshield that's aimed just above the helmet visor of the rider in his normal riding position. (For the geometrically inclined, a tangent to the forehead curve of the helmet)... a large vertical "riot shield" type is fairly obviously going to be bad on most bikes.
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Depends on the windscreen and depends on the motorcycle.

A naked motorcycle has the rider presented to the wind in a basically concave shape--sorta like a parachute. A properly shaped windscreen can do a lot to improve this. Likewise the bike.

OTOH, those gross and ugly gravestone shaped screens like they put on those gross and ugly Harleys may not be much help, and could hurt.
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Had a '78 Honda 750 with a 'Jammer on 50+ mpg. The reduction in fatigue compared to riding w/o a fairing, windshield or whatever is worth whatever little you might spend in gas. However, I'd rather have a frame mount fairing than a fork or handlebar mounted windshield...seems it would be a little more stable...
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Parabellum claims a BMW 650 single went from 67 to 81 mpg with this windshield

94 Altima 5 spd.. Stock.. 29 mpg combined with basic hypermiling techniques ..

89 Yamaha FZR400 Crotch rocket, semi naked with only the bikini fairing, no lowers, 60 plus mpg

87 Ranger 2.3 5spd.. Does not currently run..
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