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I'm more broke than broke.

Plus, the extra attention I pay to the road helps keep me focused and gives me something to do when I might otherwise be bored and do something distracting.

This sig may return, some day.
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I was a student at the time I joined this forum - non-traditional student almost 40 yrs old in law school. My reasons, not in any particular order:

Save money
By slowing down, less risk of speeding tickets - see first reason
Less stress - seems like the faster I try to go, the more people seem to cut me off
Do my part, albeit small, to lower demand thus lowering prices - see first reason
Reduce carbon footprint

As you can see, most of my reasons relate back to saving money. That lines up with my view of the world, though. I don't think the majority of people will make a change unless they can see what they will get in return.

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I was told once that a hybrid was the only way to save gas..... I didn't buy it so I started to see just how far I could go on a gallon of fuel.

Main reasons are:
Hate hybrids (most are awful soulless tupperware boxes in my opinion)
I'm cheap
I love a challenge
I studied aerodynamics in school but until now didn't get to apply any of it
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Saving gas is a consequence.

I want to change the way we understand vehicles and transportation.

I want people to think differently when they drive, but even more I want to make the vehicles so even if people don't drive for economy, their vehicles do the job, in spite of the drivers.

I want to see the basic design of vehicles change significantly, so we can better utilize the resources we are consuming, which will result in less stress to the environment we depend on for our lives.

I want my grandchildren to have a better place to live.

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because i'm a cheap bastard
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Money, Terrorism, Bragging rights, Environment.
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I always wanted higher mileage and more efficiency even back in the early 70's when I drove my fathers Pontiac Bonnieville 389 4 barrel and got 18mpg and we are talking wide and heavy in those days. Then my 65 Rambler American going something like 600 miles on a 16 gallon tank to Norfork VA was a trip of trips. Then my 80 VW Rabbit 4 speed that got consistantly 27mpg until I started the mods and brought it up to 37-40mpg . . . then the 94 Geo Metro 4 door hatch back getting around 53mpg and now the 2006 Scion xB with too small a fuel tank that could seriously hurt driving range is up to 40mpg averages with trips over 50mpg. But nothing helps you appreciate EOC better than an electric scooter when you get done riding for the day and bring it back in to charge it up - you know by how far you went and how much charge it takes EXACTALLY how well you did.
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1. Save some money
2. I like a challenge
'67 Mustang - out of commission after an accident
'00 Echo - DD
'11 Kia Rio - Wife's DD
'09 Harley Nightster - 48mpg and 1/4 miles in the 12's
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Well, I will have to blame my father for this. As long as I can remember, my father has been calculating his milage for each tank. I have continued this way as I am quite frugal, or cheap. I really do not know which.
The nature is also a good reason. I love fishing, sailing, hiking. I try not to spoil my environment.
In my opinion, it does not really matter what you think about the global warming theory. I feel that wasting energy and raw materials is basically stealing from ones own kids. However, everyone makes his and her own choices, and I cannot critizise anyone..

Btw. Here in Finland, half a year after taking your driving test, you have to take a second evaluating drive with your instructor. During this evaluation, fuel economy is also evalutated.

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I'm in it to reduce pollution. I don't really worry about a couple of bucks a month in gas, but I do alot of fishing and camping, and I've noticed a big change (for the worse) in how we've treated the planet in the last 20 years.

I just want this to be a good place my my son to grow up.

1974 Porsche 914 - 35 / MPG factory (I'm getting about 32 MPG now). Fuel Saving Devices
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