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Originally Posted by waker View Post
1. I can not add multiple expenses with same odometer and datetime, aCar complains that records not in sync at the save stage. Here is the use case: I went to the shop and bought some accessories for my car (let's say 5 different items). Now I want to add them to the app one by one. Odometer reading for all of them is the same as well as datetime, because all these items were bought at the same place in the same time. After adding first item, I can't add all others because of the same odometer and datetime. The only workaround I can think of is create general record with total price and fill all details as note. This is really inconvenient, as it is not possible to find when some items were bought and at which price. I need to look over all expenses and read all notes to find required information.
I'm considering using aCar and just ran into this problem trying to enter two maintenance records (oil change & tire rotation) done in the same service - same time & same mileage, and the app puts out a validation error. Not only is this inconvenient, as mentioned above, it means I can't index the services separately. Is the requirement for different time/mileage really a "feature?"

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Same here.

I buy cabin filter. I record expense. At the same spot I replace filter and can't add service. I had to "cheat" odometer value.

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Multi-Item mileage tracking

I've used aCare for a long time, and tracked numerous vehicles. Its great for maintenance and tracking of service / repairs. Suggestion:

* Add provision to separately track mileage for major components. Example, engine or transmission gets rebuilt - it now has ~0 miles, but the car has 80,000 miles.

I'm on my third engine in one vehicle and keeping up with its mileage apart from the car's is trying.

Also the above comes into play with oil analysis. I'm a strong believer in predictive analytics so in addition to regular maintenance, I also have the oil analyzed. It would be nice to have some way to capture some of those metrics. Or even a simple "failure" mode tracker so members could collectively benefit from actual events that occur relative to their vehicle. Example, my last engine failed due to an oil pickup fracture right where it bolted to the block. Turns out this is a known issue with Subaru boxer engines (EJ series), other members with Subarus might benefit from knowing about such things.
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aCar suggestions

I'm new to the forums, but I have been using aCar for many years and a pro user. I love the app and like some of the changes that Fuelly has done to it. I second some of the suggestions that have already been posited (remove infrequently used icons, synch via WiFi only option, and All Vehicles stats). One annoyance that I have is that retired vehicles still show up in the vehicle drop down. Having had the app for a few years, I now have a few vehicles that have been retired and I no longer need access to frequently. Having them as options on the drop down is frustrating. I would love to have them moved off to somewhere else so I don't have to identify which one I'm trying to enter information for.

Again, thank you for a great app! Keep up the good work.
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I've been using aCar for years, and of course now Fuelly. I, too, miss the "All Vehicles" option to scroll through all records, and also like the idea of being able to either hide user icons for certain vehicles, or at least being able to rearrange them in an order that makes more sense for my use.

Found a flaw/mistake, though, in Version 5.0.13 (might have been in earlier version too). On the "Manage Services" page, where you can edit/add/delete services, you used to be able to apply those chages globally, to all vehicles. While the page's note 3 says you still can by tapping the icon at the top right of the screen to launch the options menu, that icon doesn't exist, only the (+) ADD icon does.
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You can still scroll through all vehicle records on one screen.

Open Browse Recs., then tap Search at the bottom of the page, select the vehicles in Search, then Browse at the bottom of the page.

If you go back to the dashboard, the selections will be cleared. This works for the Stats and Charts as well.

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comments, suggestions, version 5

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