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civicminded: Sounds similar to what a couple of guys in Toronto tried a number of years ago. The 401 is Toronto's major freeway. The speed limit is 100 km/h (62 mph), but traffic flow is anywhere from 130 - 140 km/h (81-87 mph).

So, these guys put signs on the back of their vehicles saying that they are going to test the 100 km/h speed limit and see how bad traffic gets (I can't remember what they were trying to prove exactly). They take up all the lanes and drive nose to nose at 100 km/h. The traffic is backed up for miles. Eventually they pull off the road and watch all the traffic speed up and sail by.

Anyway, a cop eventually showed up and actually arrested them all for "stunting". I'm certain they got off in court since they were actually obeying the lawful speed limit, but I never actually heard. Maybe I can find an archive...

EDIT: HA! I found it! I can't believe they actually charged them! Stupid, frigin, Canadian, anti-justice system...!!!!!

diamondlarry: Someone threatened you over that? That's pathetic! I totally agree with you. I've done my fair-share of speeding in my life and done some really stupid stunts as a teenager, but no more. I go the speed limit in town on main roads, but under the speed limit on the highway and in residential zones.
Yeah the person that got so bent out of shape about it said I should be taken out and shot. They were talking about how my attitude could cause accidents and all kinds of evil things and I said that I wouldn't/couldn't be the cause of such evil things if I was obeying the law and it would be thier fault be cause it was thier choice to speed. So, in order to keep people from killing others, I was supposed to break the law. WRONG ANSWER! Sorry for the rant. I hate being the bad guy for being the one in the right.
EDIT: I forgot to mention that the moderator of the group apologized to me and deleted all of the threatening posts from the thread.

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Originally Posted by 90CivicStandard
That's funny about the thing in Canada though. lol I can't believe they got charged for following the law. That just doesn't make sense.
No, it makes no sense at all. It's just one more injustice among so many.

diamondlarry: Yeah, that kind of attitude is a complete mystery to me. Slower is safer and legal. Unfortunately, according to what happened in the article I linked to, the justice system may just turn and bite you in the *** for being a law-abiding citizen. There is no justice anymore.

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I belive that was the vtec thread. I weighted in on that knowing it was going to be a hot one.
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Just the other day I was doing about 60 (maybe 62) in the slow lane, going UP hill mind you, and this lady in an older Jeep SUV comes up on my butt. Well instead of using either of the 2 other OPEN lanes, she tailgates me for a good minute, only to whip over one lane, floor it and yell "65!!!" out the window and show my 65 with her fingers (now completely off the steering wheel). I just happened to have my digital camera sitting in the seat next to me, so I took a quick shot of her plate, just in case. Well about 3 miles up the road, I come up on her again, and now shes sitting behind a semi, both the middle and fast lanes open.

I move over into the middle lane, and as I pass her, I hold the camera up, and sure enough, she flips me the bird! The darn camera was too slow and I missed the shot... oh well.

Thats about the worst I've gotten so far, but I've been trying to go at least 65. I tried 55 for a few minutes and that was dangerous!!!
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I try to go 65mph on the freeway. If I'm in 3rd I'm doing about 55mph. If i go 65 in 3rd it will waste gas like crazy. People just usually go around me.

This one time I was driving about 60mph and this lady tailgated me and flashed her lights. She then went around me and cut me off. I returned the favor and tailgated her and flashed my lights at her and ran her off the freeway. I'm all about saving gas but when somebody cuts me off severly I will make them suffer.

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Remind me never to drive around compaq...
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I've taken a habit to going about 50 on the highway. People get really pissed! The traffic flow around here is roughly 75 mph, speed limit is 55.

But my step mom's piece of **** Suzuki Sidekick guzzles. The only way I can get the EPA rating is by going slow in it. The more I spend on gas, the less I have available to put into the EV. So that's motivation to go slow...

Once the EV is on the road, I won't care about gonig slow. Electricity and batteries are cheap. The car will be able to go 140+ when completely finished. I damn well will make use of it.
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Thanks for the link to that about the law abiding citizens that were punished for obeying the law. It really disgusts me.

Something else that I find interesting: with so many breaking the law, the idea was just to make the law more acceptable to the general public. No reason other than people were breaking it, so we might as well raise it. OK - so if the murder rate skyrockets, do we just stop punishing it and make it legal?


If there was a REASON for setting the speed at a level and the reason is still valid, it needs to be enforced, not changed.

Before anyone jumps my case, let me say that I was on the other side at one time too. I've even gotten a ticket for 1 mph over the speed limit also - and that infuriates me, just like the guys in that article. Who decides what tolerance and when? If it's written down and enforced, that's fine. If it's at the whim of any particular police officer or judge on any particular day, then it's just not right.

Sorry for the rant, but I just had to do it.

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Originally Posted by Bunger
Well about 3 miles up the road, I come up on her again, and now shes sitting behind a semi, both the middle and fast lanes open.

I move over into the middle lane, and as I pass her, I hold the camera up, and sure enough, she flips me the bird! The darn camera was too slow and I missed the shot... oh well.

I love it when that happens! Someone speeds by me and then gets stuck behind some other traffic or gets boxed in. Then I casually pass them, still maintaining my same speed.

I love it how people think that we are in the wrong and feel the need to flip us off etc. Damn you law abiding citizens!!! *finger*

I liked the murder analogy. Just because people choose not to follow the speed limit signs doesn't mean that we should change them.
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Don't apologize for the rant, civicminded, because you are right. The entire situation is absolutely stupid. If the system wants to punish someone it will. If it's not in the mood to uphold the existing law on another day it won't. It's apathy at it's worst.

As for your "making murder legal" example, I quite agree. However I actually worry that it could happen one of these days. With the "do what you want, it's not my business" attitude of so many today it seems like anarchy may not be far in the future.

That's just me being pessimistic again though...

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