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Those lights definitely put out lots of heat. I'm always deathly afraid of starting a fire when I use them.


A flat adhesive-backed fish tank heater might do the job if it stays stuck. Thinking along those lines, I figured there must be stronger heaters of the same design for RV waste tanks, and sure enough there are:

Unfortunately, they're $100 which puts them far, far out of "pays for itself" range. It might make more sense to retrofit a block heater into the transmission.

I'm not sure I agree that it makes sense to heat the gear oil in a manual transmission, though. I don't think it takes long to get to operating temperature. It's unaffected by whether the engine is on or off. If you really wanted to deal with it as a problem, you could use a premium synthetic multi-weight gear oil.
Again, it won't pay for itself...

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I already have a couple halogen lights lying around. My ex got a wicked burn off one once. Oh yeah, forgot. The garage isn't heated but it is integral to my house and has 14" thick insulated walls, although garage doors are like R-10 or something and they don't seal anywhere near as well as a normal door. The walls it shares with the house are 2x4 insulated and the ceiling has 2x6 insulation in it (above is a heated space). Never measured the temps in there before, however. The last few years have been quite warm. A while ago I got satellite TV installed one day it was -30F. I offered to let the installation guys come back another day, but they wanted to get it over with. More dedicated than I am, that's for sure.

I also need to consider the hassle of plugging and unplugging the heater. Not a huge deal if the savings were large, but convenience is worth something.


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