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One Windshield Wiper Instead of Two

I once saw a car that was all customized out. Instead of having 2 front windshield wipers it just had one big one that was secured just off center of the windshield. I cant seem to find a picture of an example on the net or I would provide one.

Do you think there would be any benefit to a hypermiler car to have just one big windshield wiper?

Are there weight savings? Power savings? Cost savings in replacement blades?

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I have heard that if you replace your main one with a slightly larger one and just delete the passenger one that you will have less coeficient drag.

even better than that is to have a switch that will keep the wiper vertical when not in use. I haven't done this but have heard that is pretty easy.

one thing to think about is that you won't see a lot of FE gains from doing this and you may need to check to see if that is legal in your state or area.

I would start with a grill block or a WAI (warm air intake) you will see much better gains from that. I started her not quite a month ago at 30mpg and am now doing around 35. my gas log doesn't reflect this because I just did the WAI on my car and still have a few hundred miles before tanks end.

*edit* also there is a lot of time, effort, and thought that would go into making the one wiper thing work right and look right.

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Originally Posted by theclencher View Post
I'm predicting AT LEAST a 50% bump in fe.
Heh, it's like sitting in a peach orchard and pointing out a blackberry that's 500ft up a cliff... lots of low hanging fruit all around before you waste energy on that blackberry.
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1 wiper

I used to have a 1991 Mercedes that had a single wiper centered...kinda cool design...but seemed a bit over engineered for what you get...occasional use. :-)

Work on the other things... and leave the "speed racer" stuff to the teenagers who think it looks like an autocross car.
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I've seen the one wiper thing on many a cheezy ricer, along with huge ridiculous wings, lots of stickers, and any number of other modifications that do not provide any function and look terrible.

I cannot imagine it being worthwhile under any circumstances. A fairing to cover your wipers, if they're not hideaway, would probably yield a much greater improvement while merely looking cheezy instead of silly.
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