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tire weight & LRR (yeah, more)

So referring back to that Green Seal report, I've all but decided on a set of Good Year "Viva 2" tires. The darn things are inexpensive, and they were named on the report as being LRR (tested). The Bridgestone B381's seem to not be available in the size I want (195/70/14)....although 185/65 is pretty close. The Nokians are pricey enough where I don't think the LRR would pay off.

I'll be swapping my current Aquatred 3's for these tires. Anyone have Aquatreds? I'd love to get the weight of these 'Tred's in my 175/70/13 size, but I can find no good information on any website. (Tirerack.com does NOT have the Aquatred Specs). Since I won't have the tire removed from my 13" wheel, I may never know. Unless someone knows the weight of a CRX HF 13" steelie wheel (so I can subtract).


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Consumer Reports

Originally Posted by Brian D. View Post
So referring back to that Green Seal report...
That report is ancient compared to the advances in tire tech over the last 3-4 years. As of late, Consumer Reports has started to test the Rolling Resistance of all tires it examines. If you go online and find the issue in which the latest tire set was tested, you could go to your local Library, locate the issue, and perform some additional research. Otherwise, pay the one-month trial fee to view the test results online (it may be worth it either way).


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Hello -

Charlie Brown ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Here's some more mud for the water :

List of Coefficient of Rolling Friction for name brand tires???

Tires and Passenger Vehicle Fuel Economy: Informing Consumers, Improving Performance -- Special Report 286 (2006)

Hmmmmm, $6 a month ain't bad for the Consumer Reports subscription, but I hate when they get their claws on your credit card #. Have you tried it? Was it easy for you to cancel?

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I've had viva 2's before. I don't like them and would not consider them a "good" tire. Just my seat of the pants opinion. I bought douglas touring over the goodyear viva's the last time.

I'm now using michelin harmony's and they are the best tire I have ever owned. They were a gift from my family otherwise I could not have afforded them. The traction in snow and ice is good, they're good in the rain. They're great tires. It would be hard to go back to a walmart tire.
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Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
Have you tried it? Was it easy for you to cancel?
Regarding Consumer Reports, I actually had the magazine and Internet subscription for about 5 years and just let it lapse (didn't need it so much). There wasn't any problem cancelling.

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I am wondering........ does a LLR tire roll better than a regular tire thats over inflated??
Seems most everyone here inflates there tires over the tires max psi rating anyways, So would a LLR tire sill have a advantage over a regular tire thats overinflated?

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