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The 5-50 Synlube is interesting stuff - really empties out of the bottle without leaving much inside - which you wouldn't think it would do considering that it is a 50 weight oil but then again it is a little different than the usual oil we are all used to.

So far all I have had to do is add a little "add oil" after about 15,000 miles to finally bring the level up to the full mark and it is still there at 18,474 (14,774 on Synlube).

Vette - I'm pretty sure that this blower fan uses a lot more than 1 amp considering computer cooling fans that are rated at 12 watts (.9 amp) don't blow anywheres near what the xB blower will do while sucking air through a filter at the same time. Will measure it and let you know.

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yea true but the same principle is there. im guessing around 10 amps on high. but im sayign on low it may be liek 5-6 amps then increases per speed as you go up. but 700 rpm increase? thats the insane part.... it does not take 700 rpm to generate 10 amps...if the blower fan is the only thing you adjusted. i would look into how thats all controlled, seems like a major waste of gas to me (if it did we would all have indy engines in our cars that max at 20K rpm)

now im gonna rant about cars nowadays (not directed towards you jan)

lol why does everyhting so simple have to be controlled by some circuit board? like take my chevette for an example: about as simple as you can get for a car. manual everyhting. simple swithes to do stuff etc. take a dome light, turns on when the door is open or when you hit the override button on the light dimmer. chevette has this simple circuit that goes from battery, to fuse, to door pin switch, to light, then to ground. sounds simple. now take a modern car and its controlled by a circuit board that costs oodles to replace if it goes bad. and tryign to trouble shoot that sucker? yea right...

now from the way it sounds the scions have some strange blower motor control circuit... i gotta ask why the old system involving blower fan, resistor block(just different resistive pieces of coiled wire) and a speed switch was such a problem? if the blower motor doesnt work or only works on ceertian speeds its very easy to check stuff.

same goes for wiper motors, now chevette only has mist, off, low, hi. no dely wiper(was an option tho) so we will compare it to my almost 13 year old truck. the wiper control circuit is yes you guessed it ON THE WIPER MOTOR! not like some manufactuers that liek to hide it on a circuit board controlling 6 different things hide it in the box and up under the dash so tight you have to be gumby to reach it!

i dunno maybe its just me but i liek to keep things simple. easy to fix, easy to diagnos so your not dumping oodles of money down the drain guessing what circuit board went bad, and it allows us "backyard mechanics" to accualy fix stuff at home by ourselfves.

hehe end rant....

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Yeah Good Rant there - Actually your dome light should go from battery to fuse to the dimmer control then to the light and then through the light to the pin switches in the doors. The Scion on the other hand has a $500 ($482 actually) wireless Door receiver opener and dome light dimmer control with 1 input for just the driver door and another input for the remaining doors and an input for the rear hatch with PWM dimming of the light through a FET that blows out should you over load the dome lamp circuit. But it is tied into the key in the ignition sensor so that you can not lock the driver door with the key in the ignition while the door is open - it unlocks ALL the doors if you do. I think the blower motor doesn't use resistors any more - will check it but I bet they have another Solid State speed PWM circuit - personally I would like a variable control plus one that would run slowly for say half an hour on slow without the key on to provide ventilation . . . may be working on that . . . would also like the AC ro run without the fan when on the highway to provide gentle cooling.
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Pretty linear here...
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