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what's with dogs and eating nasty things.

i got 2 dachshund pups and am having a hard time getting them to quit eating nasty things.
the other day i cought one eating dog ****. really. dog ****.
i grabbed it and bright it inside to clean its mouth out. then i went outside and scopped the neighbours dog **** and threw it on their windshield.

so a few days later i spy one of my dachshunds eating a very much dead and rotting frog carcass. how does one even put such a nasty thing in its mouth? i gagged and choked just being close to it. but this puppy happly chewed it up and i think it swallowed about half of it too.
thats so gross. and i don't want to play with the puppy anymore because it grosses me out. no more licking my face! i yelled at it to the effect of "you nasty little **** i should spray you down with the hose!"
i really need to do something about the dogs eating things that are no good. i was thinking of putting a shock collar on them which i can press a button and shock them. i bought a shock collar for my girlfriend that we use in the bedroom and it really is quite effective. perhaps the dogs should get the same treatment.
if i were to put one of these on the dogs and catch them eating something bad i could shock them into giving it up instead of playing tag and running away.

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When I was growing up, we had a a border collie puppy (which, of course, grew up). And she too would eat poo all the time. But she grew out of it She had a rather funny habit of knowing how to turn the spigot valve to turn the hose on... Pretty hilarious, except she didn't turn the water off

We had another border collie that liked to chew hoses... Arg did I get good at splicing hoses. He was an alpha male and we just couldn't train him not to eat hoses.... He used to chew on them like a cigar in his mouth... Unfortunately, a piece got lodged in his intestines. The X-ray showed hip displasia (sp?) and he was euthenised (we had noticed he was more ginger while running/walking).

My mother had a pug, that did the very same thing (compared to the border collies - this thing was freaking stupid, but that's compared to one of the most intelligent breed of dog). Yeah, it also ate cat litter poo o.0 I, for one, do not like pugs.

Not so sure how a shock collar will work... You might as well walk them on a leash (you're going to have to spend that time read on a shock collar button anyway). This way, you can command the dog every time s/he goes for bad food. If you don't catch it almost all of the time, it's going to send a mixed message and not be too effective

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LOL yea ive seen a dog eat its own crap(litterally seconds after crappin)...i still say its BS that supposedly the dogs mouth is one of the cleanest aminals mouths in the world...

lol i dont mind adult dogs, but puppies man i just wanan punt them to the next county!

im used to cats and kittens. self grooming, poos in a box, can handle itself if your away for a few days (put extra food and water out). QUIET lol every puppy ive been around if you walk aroudn the cornner they start whimperign and cryin all damn ngiht...a kitten yea they can cry (usually they just sleep in the same room and them knowing your there or hear you snoring thier fine) but just gotta lay em on somehtign soft and have some ambient noise nearby(a clock ticking) and they will sleep all night.

not wake up to wee and crap everywhere and 8 things shredded all over the house....that is if you can sleep because the puppy wont shut up...
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Her Weimaraner likes my terrier's 'poop-sicles'. He'll only eat them when they're frozen. Don't ask me to explain why. Won't touch his own, won't even sniff at summer deposits, but come frost... look out, and don't let him lick your face or hands until March.
The terrier likes to eat what she kills, frogs, snakes, locusts, rabbits, mice, chipmunks. She's recently noticed the comets in the fish pond. It may be a matter of time before she figures out how to judge depth and refraction. Doesn't like the taste of toads, though (not all stupid, I guess). Those she merely pounces on with both front feet until they croak, and then 'croak'.
When motion and sound ceases from the latest victim she's off searching for another critter. Since poop is silent and still it has no interest to her.
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Dogs have scavenger tendencies. It's just they way that they evolved in order to survive. In the case of eating crap, it is just a way of giving food a second pass through the system in order to extract every last nutrient. Actually, MANY animals do this. It may not be appealing to us humans. But that's just the way dogs live. It's much the same as the way that many people don't like the way that cats catch and eat songbirds. In both cases, it is we humans who are trying to impose OUR standards of what is proper and what it not on animals that really don't care so much what we think.
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the thing is, these pups won't eat their own ****. they only eat the neighbours dog ****. whats up with that?

theclencher, no need to w hore up you're post count in my thread. just make a thread of youre own and reply to it over and over if all you want to make is useless posts. good luck.
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I have two pugs, and they are the greatest dogs in the world. Dumb as a rock, but that gives them character. The female eats her own, and the male's poop. She knows she isn't supposed to, as she checks to make sure no one is looking when she does it. She actually follows the male as he is pooping to get it as it is coming out. She covers his azz!

I do have to agree with theclencher, as it seems like you don't really like dogs... I would never consider shocking my dogs because of a natural habit that they have. That is just cruel and insane.
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i have had a dog in one way or another my entire life. my last one was also a dachshund and lived untill just a few months ago. i had to put her down on sept 11th from cancer. i had her for 14 years.

i LOVE dogs, but i wont put up with their crap, just like i wont put up with clenchers crap. my last dachshund had a radio collar and invisible fence. it worked great. im not afraid of using shock treatment because ive had it myself. im just frusterated ebcause these are the first dogs i have had which eat other dogs crap, and dead animals, etc.
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Dogs are scavengers so they naturally love carion. Coprophagy (feces eating) also occurs with scavengers, especially young ones still testing every morsel they can get. It's part of their weaning process.

If they've been taken from their litter too early, they'll have trouble adjusting. This includes house training regressions, problems socializing with people and/or other dogs, and possibly coprophagy (especially after a filthy kennel environment). Leash training can help them break some bad habits.

Dogs that were badly punished during house training, having had another accident, commonly eat the evidence rather than face more trauma.

Also, it's a natural behavior for mother dogs to clean up their den after ther young pups excrete in there. This is simply what they do as a fact of life.

The biggest risk of them eating other dog's and cat's droppings is one of picking up parasites (which they may already have anyway).

Recently I've been training a pup I got from a shelter. He's been chewing up my furniture. He doesn't really chew on his many toys (too soft I think). I finally gave him a block of oak to teethe on and he's since left my furniture alone. He's teaching me patience and acceptance. In return, he gives me patience and acceptance (that must sound a bit 'Zen' but it's true). He forgives me for acting on my frustrations and we go on from there. Maybe that's why he's called "man's best friend."
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Originally Posted by csrmel View Post
...no need to w hore up you're post count in my thread...
LOL, "lets start a thread about dog crap and complain about the quality of responses" LOL!!

I had some cats in the house once, the big one would dine at the litterbox. Hot Lunch *SHRUG*

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