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hf, vx, or hx?

well my gas hog explorer is up for sale, and i think im gonna get one of these three (and/or a ninja 250).

hx - 36 mpg
hf - 40 mpg
vx - 42 mpg

the hx i would like because im a huge fan of ek (96-00 civic) coupes, the hf i would like because i love crx's.

the vx gets the best mileage, but im not a fan of the hatchbacks. i think it would be cool to get a coupe, and transfer everything over (engine, trans, ecu, etc...) and still have all the bonus's of the vx with a (imo) much better looking body.

i think im leaning toward the hx, because its the newest, best looking imo, but its also the heaviest with the worst mpg (probably related)

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ezeedee -

I was going to say go for the HX because of age and ScanGauge compatibility.

Jus' bein' practical,


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considering your feelings about the hatchbacks, etc., I'd say to go for the HX. I would advise NOT to put the VX engine in though. It's pretty much the same engine as the HX, only .1L smaller.

besides, the d15z1 is obd1, and you won't be able to use the scangauge.

I say HX and do an underbelly tray... and maybe sell me the wheels.
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If you want a lot of cargo space, and more back-seat room, go with the VX.

Otherwise, go with the HX.

Both are great cars, but from personal experience, I think the VX has more room in the back seat, and for hauling whatever you can fit in it. It is older, and harder to find with low miles compared to an HX, so I can see how that would be a factor. If you want a civic coupe, and want to be able to convert it to a VX, go with a 92-95 coupe since they are cheaper, are more plug-and-play with obd1, and are lighter. You could start with a stripped down DX coupe (very cheap) which would almost weigh as little as the VX, or you could get all the options you want with an EX.

Good luck on the hunt!

On the never-ending quest for better gas mileage...
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Depending on what part of the country you're in and what kind of driving you do I'd get the HF. If you're in a part of the country that doesn't salt the roads in the winter (no/little rust on older cars) and you mainly drive city miles I'd get the HF. Sure it's small, but the HF has a fantasically low curb weight. I swapped a ZC motor and SI tranny into my old HF and it still had a curb weight of only 1982 lbs. That low curb weight will help a LOT with city driving.
If you're doing more highway driving the lean- burn mode of the VX will come in handy.
And lastly the HX. I'd get the HX as a last resort if you live in the rust belt where older cars are just full of holes and an Insight is just too expensive.
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HX is pretty decent,
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Or you could get an HF, and swap in a VX motor. This way, you are getting the best of both worlds, so to speak. You get the styling and light weight of the CRX, along with the VTEC-E motor of the VX. And because of the lighter weight and better aerodynamics of the HF, you will also get fuel economy AND performance than you would get from either the HF or the VX. And finally, there is the price tag. You can buy a CRX do this swap for quite a bit less than you would pay for a VX. Just avoid 1990-1991 HFs if you can, as they are significantly heavier than 1988-1989 HFs. The 1990-1991 HF, by the way, can be differentiated from the 1988-1989 HF by its door-mounted seatbelts.
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Given your affliction towards the 96-00 body style, the availability, and the compatibility with the SG, I'd go with the HX, just don't get the CVT (auto) HX.

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I also have been considering an HX for my next car.
Any concerns about the care and feeding of these?
Do you need to watch out for some oddball parts like plugs or O2 sensor that aren't stocked in a typical parts store?
Currently getting +/- 50 mpg in fall weather. EPA is 31/39 so not too shabby. WAI, fuel cutoff switch, full belly pan, smooth wheel covers.

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I would guess that the hx has similar issues with the oxygen sensor--it may have to be in good condition to go into lean burn. Other than that, i would guess that emission equip might be more complicated, with a more expensive cat since it is obd2.

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