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One year at gassavers (summarized)

I have been at gassavers for a year now and have filled up 36 times (average 3 times per month). I have increased my mileage by utilizing the scangauge and other inexpensive vehicle modifications. The entire list is in my gas log. Here are the numbers that I have been playing with.


MPG: 34.5856
MILES/TANK 462.8944
PRICE/FILL $41.61656
PRICE/GALLON $3.081684

Max and Min:

MPG: 40.0077---29.91692
MILES/TANK 531.5---361.6
GALLONS/FILL 15.329---9.547
PRICE/FILL $58.3599---$22.63305
PRICE/GALLON $4.209---$1.759


MILES: 17132.4
GALLONS: 495.249
COST: $1526.201

Savings over EPA:

IF 25MPG, GAL=685.296
SAVINGS @ AVG PRICE=$585.6647.....

I haven't kept up with price in my gas log on here but I have in my personal gas log. the reason this year has saved me so much money (unfortunately) is because of the spike in gas prices this summer. it is sad that I have put almost $60 worth of gas in a cavalier.

hopefully the coming year will do me even better.

*edit* I found an extra gas log entry in my gassavers gas log. it was druing hurricane ike and my wife had my car so it didn't go into my personal gas log. numbers have been updated.

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Anything work better or worse than you expected? The amount you estimate you saved is about equal to my entire yearly gas budget!


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the combination of the grill block and the WAI seems to have helped out quite a bit.

the aero hub caps was a wash but it made the car look nice. I am cheap and didn't go for the full moon caps.

the extended air dam was also a bit of a disappointment and I scraped everything.

the single biggest improvement was the scangauge. along with the MPG readout, it allowed me to experiment more because of the other readouts that it gave me. I have also used it to diagnose problems with other peoples vehicles. I keep a spare cable in the car so that I can easily remove it to check CEL codes.
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I haven't been here a year yet but I do have over a year of log entries.

I have filled up 48 times (average once every 7.5 days).

MPG: 22.42
PRICE/FILL: $36.22

Max and Min:
MPG: 27.98---18.22
MILES/TANK: 406.7---146.4
GALLONS/FILL: 16.906---7.039
PRICE/FILL: $60.50---$14.00
PRICE/GALLON: $4.049---$1.659

MILES: 13361.8
GALLONS: 598.807
COST: $1738.65

Savings over EPA:
IF 25MPG, GAL=668.09

Hopefully the coming year will do me even better as well.
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MPG based on 28 samples
Minumum : 24.14
Maximum : 42.61
Std Deviation : 3.77
Average : 31.70
95th percentile : 39.24
Percentage of EPA : 163.50%

$/gal based on 28 samples
Minumum : 1.69
Maximum : 3.999
Std Deviation : 0.69
Average : 3.11
95th percentile : 4.49

Cumulative savings calculation
((Miles/EPA)*Cost) - ((Miles/MPG)*Cost))
((8419.40/24)* 4.49) - ((8419.40/ 39.24)* 4.49))
$ 611.75

this data was calculated by a program written by a good friend of mine and is as accurate as the data used.
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