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Driving on E
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Spark plug 2.7% increase in FE

Originally Posted by Scorn
Yesterday I bit the bullet, said "**** it" and dumped 50ml into my gas tank (holding about 7gal at the time). I didnt notice anything at first, but after driving for about 15min, I looked down and realized that my engine temp was down and I was going about 70mph. Next light I raced and completley destroyed a stock silverado in my little 4banger toyota truck. How much it helps? I'm not sure, didnt measure exactly. But it definatley does make a differance. Right now I'm just waiting to see if my fuel lines melt or not, but if they dont, its definatley something worth doing.
Thanks for the post Scorn, and welcome to the site.

I have been in contact with a man who has soaked entire fuel lines in pure acetone, and mixtures of acetone and gasoline. He is also putting injectors that are split in half into his mixtures. to determine if acetone affects the internals of the injectors.

As soon as his results are ready I will be posting the results on this website.

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Gear, Engine, and MTF Oils

Tsikot.Com Acetone/Gasoline Test 2005 (Philippines)

The Car: 1999 Toyota Corolla 1.6 GLi A/T
Typical Milage: 5.5 to 6km/L all city driving with a/c always on.
Typical Destinations: Cubao, Makati, San Juan, Mandaluyong, Manila in the Philippines

Fuel Used: Shell Unleaded (approx 93 octane)
Gas Station: Shell @ Ortigas/Connecticut, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines

Status/Results: (as compared to 5.75km/L)

First dose results (60mL per 40L) = 6.44km/L (12% gain in fuel milage)
Second dose results (75mL per 40L) = 6.53km/L (13.56% gain in fuel milage)
Third dose results (90mL per 40L) = 6.05km/L (5.2% gain in fuel milage) *see below
Fourth dose results (90mL per 40L) = 6.1km/L
Fifth dose results (60mL per 40L) = 6.8km/L

April 07, 2005

Today I filled my tank with 60mL of acetone and filled the rest of the fuel tank with Shell Unleaded gasoline.

After half a day and 12km, there was no difference in how the car behaved in starting, accelerating or idling.

April 11, 2005

so far I have used up about 1/4 of my tank of acetone treated gasoline. Typically I get about 60 to 70km at this point with "normal" gasoline. I got slightly over 80km (83km to be exact). That is about a 30% improvement assuming the basis is 65km @ 1/4 tank consumed.

Note: At this point, the "gains" are unofficial because any car's fuel level guage can be relatively inaccurate. The official km/L will be when I fill up my fuel tank again. Based on current consumption, it will be at the end of the week.

April 13, 2005

Given my fuel guage is still above 1/4 line (fuel remaining), I went ahead to fill up my gasoline tank. My trip odometer registered 191.5km while 29.7L of gasoline was filled into my tank. That computes to about 6.44km/L fuel milage. Its an increase but not as much as I was expecting. Given the increase is only 12%, I cannot consider it to prove anything at this point.

When I filled my gas tank, I poured in approx 2.5oz per 10 gallons equivalent of acetone. Maybe a slightly stronger dose will give better results. I'll know in a week's time.

April 19, 2005

Finally, I went back to Shell @ Ortigas Ave to fill up my fuel tank. Current gasoline price is now around P31.50 from about P30.50 per liter. My trip odometer registered 223.9km while 34.3L of gasoline filled my tank. That is 6.53km/L fuel milage.

This time, I poured in the equivalent of 3oz (roughly 90mL) of acetone per 10 gallons gasoline. Hopefully this could get me a bit more milage.

A minor note, the car felt a bit more "energetic" at the 2.5oz dose level. But since its only a "seat of the pants" feeling, I can't really verify any real gains in terms of performance.

I bought my current supply of pure acetone from Unimart in Greenhills. Price is at P12.50 per 120mL plastic bottle.

April 25, 2005

I went back to Shell to fill my talk after nearly a week. Downside, I've been doing a bit more of "hataw" during this tankful, like late last night where I've been doing "Ferrari Tune-Ups". I guess it showed in my gas milage for this week which resulted with 6.05km/L. (I guess watching 2 Fast 2 Furious can have side effects on driving styles on certain people )

I'll try to do another week with 3oz concentration level to get more "accurate" results.

May 04, 2005

This would probably be my last update. Anyway, I've have had two fill-ups since my last update. Kinda weird result for the 90mL per 40L dose since I got a relatively low milage result (6.1km/L) with my normal/typical driving. Just to verify, I added enough acetone to adjust my fuel tank mixture to be around 60mL per 40L ratio (actually slightly over) and resulted in a 6.8km/L milage for that tank full.

May 25, 2005

An epilogue of sorts...

Just to test my car's milage WITHOUT acetone, I have not poured acetone in the last three fill-ups.

My last two full tanks without acetone had a milage of:
5.4 km/L
5.7 km/L

Sept 7, 2005 NEW!

In the quest for even better milage, I have tried increasing my tire pressure from my normal 30 psi to 35 psi on all tires.

My average milage with just acetone is 6.3km/L and I haven't stopped using acetone since the last update.

For my last two fill-ups with tire pressure @ 35psi & acetone (approx 60mL to 40L ratio) resulted in the following:
1st test (Sept 3, 2005): 6.50 km/L
2nd test (Sept 7, 2005): 6.76 km/L

It might be too early to conclude anything (with only two tests) but the early results is a good sign.

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some more familiar driving, LOL

id like to try this also.

the general concensus seems to be that theres about 10-12% increase in mileage from what i can see. not bad for the price of acetone.

whoever asked about toluene. i think it was on this thread.
toluene can be purchased at lowes, in the paint section. it is used as a paint thinner, but is also used in gasoline production as well.

certain F1 cars use it almost solely as fuel because of its characteristics.

lots of honda tuners use it as a backyard way to boost octane. there is a website that has the ratio's for what ocatane you will have after addig x fuel, and y toluene. but like someone said you can also calculate by [(gallons of fuel)x(octane rating)+(gal of toluene)x(116 octane)]/total gallons

im pretty sure thats it but correct me if im wrong.

you do not want to go over a 30% toluene mixture however or it could be harmful. so with 10 gal total in the tank, you shouldnt have more than 3 being toluene.

only benefit in toluene would be if you were tuning your car for performance and needed to advance timing more, or had higher compression resulting in knock.
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I just bought a thing of acetone. 16oz, 100% pure, 3.49 + 6% tax. I'll fill up tomorrow to get the average I'll use for my baseline and add 1 oz. Then I'll go at least three tanks to work it into the system, all at 1 oz per 10 gallons, and then go from there as to increasing and seeing which mixture gives the best results. I'll also be testing on some cars of my friends in the near future.
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cool man. make a good graph

cool man. make a good graph and overlay your friends results on it as well. make sure to be accurate and precise too.

are nail polish removers 100% acetone?
3.50 for 8 tanks might not be as worth it...
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Not all

No, I had to look especially for 100% acetone nail polish remover, but the drugstore had it so it's not like I had to go multiple places or anything. You can get it at drugstore.com for 2.75 and free shipping for 16oz, but I'll prolly end up just buying a gallon for a lot less.
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When I last bought Acetone,

When I last bought Acetone, I bought a gallon at Wal-Mart for about $12. A gallon last a long time.
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Cool cool

So hopefully when I buy it at not wal-mart it'll be 15-18.
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yeah and 16 oz at 3.50= 21.9

yeah and 16 oz at 3.50= 21.9 cents/oz
1gal=129oz at 12$= 9.38 cents/oz
thats more like it.
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Okee dokes

I started my acetone test today, I'm very excited about this. One thing I learned is you should use a container that pours well. My acetone jar poured like crap (into a medicine measuring thing I used to make one ounce) and I got a lot on my hands, haha. I'll just funnel the acetone into a different container.

First three tanks will be "break in" tanks where I will use 1 oz of acetone per 10 gallons of gas. The fourth tank I will assume the acetone is all mixed up and working, and use that for a number. Then I'll go up to two and three doing something similar, unless I do two and three at the same time with a few of my friends. My baseline number will be 38.5 mpg (all city/suburban < 50 mph), and we'll see where that goes to.

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