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scale models?

Does anyone know where to get scale models of common cars? I'd like to get one of my 97 escort wagon for trying out aero mods at small scale. Seems like only "cool" cars get models.


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the problem is that it takes quite a bit of prep work to make a single model. this R+D cost is spread out over many units when they sell a lot of them.

there probably isn't much of a market for a 1/16th scale 1997 ford escort wagon. so the one you want may cost you several hundred dollars for a one off model if you really care that much.

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Check eBay. Sometimes promotional models are made for various cars and are sold by dealers. Don't know if they would have bothered with an Escort, but you never know...I have one on a bookshelf for a '62 Lincoln, so maybe...
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if only hot wheels were bigger....
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HMM yea dealer promos prolly (hell theres ones for the chevette)

might be able to find somehting CLOSE or may have to take a block of clay and have at it...
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There are two problems with this.

1. Scale models will not replicate the appropriate reynolds number if you scale the speed accordingly. You could either attempt to use a water tunnel to get a reynolds number that was close, and/or use trip wires the force the boundary layer to transition from laminar to turbulent at the correct location on the model.

2. In order to accurately model flow you'd also need to have a moving surface to place the car on, to account for the interaction between the moving car and the non-moving road surface.

As for models, maybe you could make your own wooden scale model like this:

I'll try and post some math about similar flow and Reynolds number later today . . .

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