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If the tree is on cable lines then it has nothing to do with the state maintenance where I live at. If there are any power lines on it then the power company would send someone out once they got the numbers off the plate on the poll. But if it just has cable and phone I would not know who to call. Depending on how it looked it would be put off till the yearly tree maintenance time where they sub contract out the work.

The state maintenance department is good where I’m at. I have had some complaints that didn’t get looked in to for a few weeks and I went off. Now when I have a problem I get the GPS numbers off of the spot, snap some pics, and write a letter and email it to the state department and the county office at the same time. If I do not get a response in a few days I send a second email to the county offices and then they will send someone out to look at the problem and then they deal with the state department to get it fixed.

I have sent in issues Friday night and Monday around noon I have gotten email replies. They still take a week or two to fix it but at least I know I have a voice for the $18,835.96 I sent them this year for my county taxes.

At least someone got to it.

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I think because it was over a state highway is why they agreed to do it. I assume it was the state, since I informed the cable company months ago and they did zip. Got the feeling that cutting it was less hassle than dealing with returning my phone calls.


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