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Smile Engine On for Me

I have to agree. Even with a manual transmission, I figure that the clutch and/or starter wear will probably catch up with me if I do that stuff so frequently. The rate of idle burn is so low as to be almost negligible.
I can (and do) neutral coast in a few areas that are in the 40-50 mph range. I avoid it on the interstates, mostly, because of the traffic changing around me and the awkwardness of speed matching the engine beore clutch re-engagement as I pick things up again. That, and the fact that we don't have any grades that can last me more than 3/4 of a mile anyway .
My car cuts off the injectors until the engine speed drops to ~1200 rpm so I can benefit from leaving things engaged, putting up with a little pumping loss drag.
I also question the wisdom of interrupting the oxygen sensing/fuel control loop by shutting the engine off then starting up again. It can cope with idling and coasting but I wonder how long it takes after startup before it's thinking clearly again .

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DaX -

Originally Posted by DaX View Post

You could have asked, I'm not that secretive and devious!
I know, but the thought of Google not knowing what NAA stood for kind of put me in an existential crisis for awhile. I was thinking, maybe I'm not meant to know, .


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I keep www.acronymfinder.com in my arsenal of search bookmarks.
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I think the oxygen sensor issue is a minor one. With an already warmed up engine, base fuel mapping for open-loop operation is already leaned out. The oxygen sensor is just there for the fine tune.

Bottom line for me is that I don't EOC usually unless I anticipate being able to go 1/4 mile or more before restart.

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are there any lube(lack there of) implications w/EOC specifically w/ auto trannies? i keep forgetting to put the car in N BEFORE shutting down.
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Enh, for short periods with no load it probably isn't an issue, but if your car can be flat towed behind an rv (like s-series saturns) then it should be no problem.

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