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A nother

Have a look at the site as it has another way of doing the same thing as smacks booster. I am currently building one to play with.

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its funny that no one (on the first page anyway) realizes that this isn't a substitute for gasoline but rather a way to increase the efficiency of the engine.

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I found it odd too, but chalked it up to wishful thinking on the readers part.
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less lurking and more working
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HHO cells

A buddy and I have been researching this topic for almost a year now. We built torches that melt everything from aluminum (yeah its not a tough metal) to stainless steel (316 gauge).

We failed with over many of our cells due to over heating, our new idea comes from the pdf link below, 6 cells in series to lower the voltage across the cells, aka less heat. We also have O2 modifiers to control the A/F. when we complete the construction and installation of the cells, i will post results.

A for record right now: I have a 95 geo prizm 1.6L

interstate (65-70mph) max mpg is 39. (this mpg is rather high as this the mileage i obtained on a 356 mile trip and drove through the mountains in Tennessee and coasted as much as possible)
state hwy (55mph) max mpg is 35
city (varies mph) max mpg 32.5
combined 34 mpg.

I will base my results on the maximum mileage I have obtained. I am an efficient coaster while i drive and am light on the pedals more so than ever. I will only consider this project success if I exceed these maximums.

Considering the majority of my driving is on a state hwy 100 miles per day 5 days a week, the state hwy will be the first results posted.

check out the following link:
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Darn, I allready had those. I'm building quite the collection now.
Anyone got anything on the wire question? I'm thinking of surface area. Using 200' of wire x dia. = ? compared to 4" x 10" (40 sq. in.) of shimstock, perhaps there would be more surface area to create bubbles. OTOH, I"m thinking that the roundness of the wire surface could give less for a bubble to stay attached to...and then what about the electromagnetic effect of the current passing through the wire? Or waitaminnit, the current isn't really going anywhere, is it?
So much more research needed, so little time. (Saw $4/gal. for regular here today)

Hey, there's an idea to work on: instead of using a coil pulsing to release bubbles from plates, maybe there could be a combination of your SS coils producing the pos. and neg. for the gas production, but induced with current to double as your electromagnet. I said induce because transformers work this way. No?
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anyone getting a faith based sense of deja vu?
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Find love at first day

Thanks, this forum is great. I am new here and you guys give me info i was looking for. bit about self, i bought water4gas book but find rather difficult to build so i look for complete unit and find one and put the kit about two week ago.

I like the kit so i become marketer of kit in dallas TX. I am mechanic for about two year now so i know bit about car. I did my best on reserch on HHO generator but today i learned a lot.

I figure cars run cleaner and burn gas close to 100% so if cars got high miles on it,definitely make the runs better. so far 94 ford tauras and 96 surburban get better mile, cleaner emmission etc. I am convinced that HHO restore engine performance for sure. Also i am kind of agree on that HHO generator draw more energy from alternator which run by engine so why save gas?
Physics law? So it might be possibility gas mile decrease, yea true if engine is running effient to begin with.

Basically how effient engine burn gasoline(i heard typical car waste 20%) and how much HHO help burn the gasoline which otherwise wasted and how much extra energy it take to operate HHO generator.

Do the math and presto.

The kit cost me $198+S-H and simple(cheap looking) devise, And i can forgo fuel injection cleaning($60), catalic converter, inspection related mightmare, longer engine life, MMM good deal to me.
Let me know any saving on newer cars so that I gonna know it worth it on more fuel effient, less wearout engine. I do the same too.

afforable HHO kit at
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Hey all, Just heard about HHO in the last week or so and have been looking for some good generator designs. I had a thought (maybe I'll try it and let you all know) How about using SS steel wool or scrub pads instead of plates? There would be huge amounts of surface area. The only drawback I could see is that it would degrade too quickly. Any thoughts?
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New guy (2nd post). A couple of resources that I didn't see mentioned here.
This site: has a nice history of hydrogen powered car experimenters. The guy also has a museum on water powered cars and a separate site you can buy parts to build your own generator. He has kits to build a pulse wave modulator. I would also urge anyone who is serious about HHO to join the Yahoo groups watercar and hydroxy. There is a compilation of hydroxy generator designs and many people have been experimenting for sometime. Lots and lots of info. The best hydrogen generators seem to be the ones with multiple cells. As mentioned above they operate cooler. Ozzie Freedom is marketing basically a Bill Lang design or WWII airplane water injection system. The difference is the use of H2O2. Ozzie freedom is on the Yahoo list. Many of the people on the Yahoo list are also trying to replicate Stan Meyers no gasoline - 100% hydrogen powered car. Some have had moderate success powering lawn mower engines for short periods of time. Most people on the Yahoo list are also using potassium hydroxide for HHO production.

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