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  1. Stat Request: Average miles per day
  2. Upgrading to 3.1.2
  3. Notes From Original Gas Cubby Lost?
  4. Service Reminders ignore past services
  5. What's the difference between GasCubby and GasTracker?
  6. Missing engine options
  7. Fixed: Can you un-retire two vehicles please
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  9. Sync between devices error?
  10. Viewing data? And a few other questions
  11. Automatic Calculation
  12. Gas Cubby Fuelup form - big problems since one of the last updates
  13. Crash when scrolling down home screen
  14. How to import data from sqlite3 files
  15. Expired Beta iOS
  16. Free version app data cannot send to server even after purchased the paid app
  17. Online Dashboard changes to App sync time?
  18. Location bar shows blank
  19. Custom Locations
  20. Ipad application
  21. Services added from backup without the actual service there
  22. Paritial fuel ups - messing up my MPG!
  23. Requesting Reports
  24. Additional Filters
  25. Any way to merge logs?
  26. Lost all data 9/24
  27. lost miles
  28. Importing "Gas Cubby Free 2.7" data to restored iOS 10 device
  29. App crashes when trying to paste into password field
  30. Importing Service .csv from 'Auto Care'
  31. Sync
  32. Service Reminders & Editing and Total Service cost Missing
  33. Delete a fill up
  34. If you don't want to track Fuel Costs, Location, etc...
  35. Preferences while travelling
  36. Change vehicle type
  37. Questions about Gas Cubby 3/Fuelly
  38. Transfer Gas Cubby Free Data to Gas Cubby 3.0
  39. Possible to change the initial odometer entry?
  40. New Version graphics & layout problems
  41. Duplicate Refuels
  42. Missing older data
  43. Did we lose the graph of MPG for all vehicles in v3.0?
  44. New Fuelup / Total Cost field
  45. Gas Cubby 3.0 Update #4 - New Version Released Today
  46. How to Sync Multiple Devices (after GasCubby 2.7 to 3.0 upgrade)
  47. Need help (iPhone died)
  48. Duplicate Reminders
  49. Duplicate Vehicles
  50. Missing Data Issues (Re-Run 2.7 to 3.0 Upgrade)
  51. Fuel Stats time frame filters
  52. Miles per day
  53. Edit Locations
  54. Overdue reminders gone crazy after 3.0 upgrade
  55. Restoring Data to v3.x
  56. Edit mileage
  57. Deleted my vehicle by mistake . in gascubby 3.0.7
  58. Vehicle Did Not Import After Upgrade
  59. Please add URL Scheme
  60. Lost Data - Vehicle Information
  61. Duplicate entries
  62. Gas Cubby v3 issues and privacy
  63. Updated to GC 3.0 - now all my data is doubled!
  64. Manual Location Entry - upgraded to iOS GasCubby v3
  65. Issues and Questions with GC 3.0 Update
  66. Lost service data
  67. Was unable to download new Gas Cubby
  68. on Upgrading from Gas Cubby Free…
  69. Sync Problems Please Help!!
  70. GC Beta has broken my data
  71. galbro1
  72. How to get my data out of Gas Cubby?
  73. Something happened to my Gas Cubby!
  74. Scheduled Maintenance 3/3/16 9PM-1AM PST
  75. Really confused, can someone ELI5?
  76. Edit/Delete Locations in Gas Cubby?
  77. How do you restore a Gas Cubby .SQLITE data file?
  78. Lost all data in Gas Cubby Free when updating iOS
  79. Gas Cubby to Android?
  80. Old IP5 export to New IP6s
  81. Varying totals
  82. Deleting Gas stations/brands in GasCubby
  83. Gascuddy not showing mileage per tank
  84. Gas Cubby 2.7.4 Input Broken
  85. Version 2.7.4 Sync Issue - Cars Duplicating
  86. data sync
  87. gas cubby to fuely
  88. will not sync
  89. GassCubby Import sync problem
  90. Import ACar Data Into Gas Cubby
  91. iOS 9 and version 2.7.1
  92. Octane Value AWOL
  93. Location of Gas Station
  94. Help Needed - Sync data look to be in wrong units
  95. Differnce between paid and free!
  96. Error The miles last fuelup must be at least 1.
  97. Gas Cubby crashed and all my data is gone
  98. Sync won't confirm
  99. Gas Cubby 2.7.2
  100. Gas Cubby Gone Crazy!
  101. Does the app sync with.....
  102. Problems transferring sqlite from iPhone backup
  103. Inconsistent Octane Values
  104. sqlite to csv
  105. No Numpad for Odometer entry
  106. Save Data Backup Failing
  107. Locations
  108. upgrading from Gas Cubby Free to ad free version
  109. Removed a car, notification badge still shows
  110. Fixed: Syncing issues between iPhone 3GS and 4
  111. l/100kms no longer displayed
  112. Gas Cubby v3 Update
  113. App Sync Setup Email Confirmation
  114. Sync data faulty in new devices
  115. Current Best way to transfer from GasCubby to Fuelly
  116. Status update on GasCubby 3.0?
  117. Can't see cursor; number keypad disappears
  118. For Future Release Please add separate "Year" spinner in date field.
  119. Gas Cubby crashes when I open it
  120. support problems
  121. notification badge
  122. Edit Gas Brand
  123. IOS 8 / new iPhone, Cubby entry disappeared
  124. Gas Cubby - Latest Update Deleted 6 Years of Data
  125. Issues with gas cubby
  126. Multiple Tire Pressures
  127. Tracking Oil
  128. How to export data from Gas Cubby v2.7.1
  129. New Email Address
  130. Can't get synced data to show up on new iPhone
  131. Migration from aCar to GasCubby?
  132. Fixed: SQL Restore Instructions
  133. Gas Cubby 2.7 not working on Iphone 4S
  134. Resolved: Lost data.
  135. Fixed: Problems Syncing with IOS8 (iPhone 6)
  136. Dismissing Notifications
  137. Gas Cubby 2.7 broke all history data collected for several years
  138. Gas Cubby v2.7 UI issues
  139. Fixed: Mileage input
  140. Apple ID Change
  141. How to Print records from Fuelly
  142. Problem with Litres/100km
  143. Keypad Bugs
  144. Trying to sync my iPhone 6
  145. Gas Cubby Icon on iPad
  146. Lost Data
  147. v2.7 Update Problems
  148. Data Missing
  149. Any former Catamount Software MPG users here?
  150. v2.7 Live in the App Store
  151. Fixed: Gas Cubby 2.7 (beta) Bug Reports
  152. Fixed: Gas Cubby v2.6 Keeps Crashing
  153. Odometer View Not Working in Gas Cubby 2.6
  154. Fixed: How to change the date (and time) in v2.6?
  155. Fixed: "waiting"/grey icon/iOS bug - Possible Solutions
  156. Lost all my data - Please help
  157. Fuelly User (Non-Gas Cubby User)
  158. GasCubby 2.6 Bug reports
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  160. All Data Lost??? Synch Occurred on Aug 18, 2013 when I upgraded to full version??
  161. Stats all incorrect after sync
  162. Gas Cubby Data Gone
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