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  1. The end of fuel economy in America?
  2. Google.org to develop an engine?
  3. MetroMPG shames Suzuki into replacing Swift
  4. Vast Oil Pool Tapped in Gulf of Mexico
  5. US drivers hop on scooters to dodge rising gas prices
  6. Motors in the wheels
  7. Hydraulic Hybrid
  8. tonneau cover
  9. Consumer Reports: Fuel economy most important to car buyers
  10. Ethanol-gas mix is a problem for Franklin
  11. Some ridic article by some fool
  12. Car motors will disappear ? into the wheels: Siemens VDO starts eCorner development
  13. An Electric Car Unlike Any Other: 1,000 HP and Skinny as a Motorcycle
  14. eBox: AC Propulsion's xB conversion
  15. Legacy spec.B pours on tech, spares fuel
  16. Toyota Grand Prius
  17. What?s your Hybridfest 2006 "Display" going to look like?
  18. FE Test after Wheels, Spoilers, Added to HCH II: Pics & Techniques:
  19. Gear, Engine, and MTF Oils
  20. Volume Corrected Gas Pumps
  21. GM offers gas-price cap for SUV buyers
  22. Fuel Economy at high speeds measured
  23. 470mpg motorcycle in real world tests
  24. Volkwagon Creates Fuel Efficient Prototype - 235MPG!!!
  25. OLED's are here - Organic Light Emitting Diodes
  26. Aerodynamic auto designs, past and present, and their possible implications
  27. hill driving techniques
  28. Algae - like a breath mint for smokestacks (reduced power plant waste, new biodiesel source, etc.)
  29. Geo Metro achieves 98.96 miles per gallon
  30. The Truth about Gas
  31. New Fuel Efficient Tires Could Save Long Islanders $150 And Reduce U.S. Oil Dependancy By 275,000 Barrels a Day
  32. Driving on the freeway with Cruise Control, the smart way.
  33. Keeping Your Car in Shape
  34. The Tornado Fuel Saver: Does it really work?
  35. Wheel Balance and MPG
  36. Parking Brakes and Fuel Economy?
  37. Car, Van, and Light Truck Disc Brakes and Fuel Economy
  38. Low Cost Auto Checks Can Save Fuel Dollars
  39. Best Gas Mileage Car
  40. 147 Million Gallons of Wasted Gas? It's a Drop in the Bucket.
  41. Reducing Aerodynamic Drag
  42. Will Rolling Down Windows Save Fuel or Not?
  43. Simple Water Injection System
  44. The Khaos Super Turbo Charger
  45. Vacuum, Timing and Fuel Economy: in Non-Computer Assisted Engines
  46. Driving Tips from the Department of Energy
  47. Reasons for picking a fuel efficient car
  48. A New Car Versus a Used Car
  49. Spark Plug Comparison Test
  50. Why Not Switch to Electric Cars?
  51. "Real World" Fuel Economy vs. EPA Estimates
  52. Planning and combinging trips