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  1. Need Advice: Project Honda/Acura: Under $2000
  2. Smaller Injectors
  3. Save up to 35% on any fuel... at any pump .... anywhere!
  4. Any point in knowing the charge left in the battery?
  5. Free-flowing Intake and Exhaust for Fuel Economy
  6. transmission swapping for MPG
  7. Open loop, closed loop
  8. Speaking of turbo and fuel economy
  9. how's your MPG compared to others with the same car?
  10. EPA Testing, does Honda "tune" the ECU to make the figures test better?
  11. Really interesting read...
  12. Ever wonder how wind will effect your mileage? Lots of interesting Prius info
  13. anyone got a tire pressure vs fuel economy graph?
  14. Bad CAT, and I can't decide what to do...
  15. Less is more
  16. Stripped the CRX!!!
  17. A tidbit about IAT temps and resistance
  18. Friction Reducing Oil and Other-Type Additives
  19. fwd or rwd for fuel economy.
  20. does the EGR help or hurt fuel economy?
  21. Nissan altima FRONT undertray/wind diffuser/ Space shuttle?!?!
  22. Nissan Altima REAR wind diffuser/belly
  23. Wheel Weight Lists
  24. So how much advanced timing is to much?
  25. Teflon - Slick50 - Synlube + Oils & Additives
  26. Car off coasting theory questions
  27. Alcohol fuel
  28. Need some ideas for my front undertray
  29. "That just looks weird!"
  30. Anyone got a dyno?
  31. Friction Reducer
  32. Engine Block Heater Success
  33. How do I measure gas in my n600?
  34. Did 2 new fuel economy mods
  35. Warm air intake by painting your intake manifold black
  36. instanious and avrage MPG computer.
  37. is it better to go with the flow on the hwy?
  38. Converting motorcycle engine to "Steam Engine"
  39. Did some weight reduction just now
  40. Does removing a truck's tailgate reduce aerodynamic drag?
  41. Humid Intake Air
  42. EPA Estimates Finally Changing
  43. Found another way to save on gas.
  44. This blows, gas going up again.
  45. Ran seafoam
  46. volume correction of gas sales
  47. Dixie Caps
  48. throttleless premixed-charge engine (ultimate WAI)
  49. coolant temp sensor tweaking?
  50. Has anybody done a one-off pickup truck?
  51. Does tire size really affect speedometer?
  52. "active" aero grille slats on 06 civic concept
  53. How dangerous is lean burn ?
  54. Cheap DIY H2 generator
  55. CRX HF Transmission Rebuild
  56. 40 MPG on winter blend!
  57. SLC metro with custom grind MPG cam
  58. rh77, how is that new t-stat?
  59. Aerodynamics - Performance, and Economy?
  60. "Magic Pill" for gas mileage?
  61. SmartPlugs
  62. Fuel management
  63. Turbo (forced induction) and gas mileage
  64. VX -- Del Sol engine swap
  65. BMW Turbosteamer (Waste Heat Recovery)
  66. Alterpower (shutting off alternator)
  67. Best engine temp
  68. Underdrive Pullies
  69. Block Heaters
  70. Ethos FR as an Oil and Fuel Additive
  71. How to check spark plug wires.
  72. Fuel Additives
  73. List of Fuel Efficient Cars
  74. Some thoughts on lighter wheels and LRR tires
  75. Propane injection
  76. Detailed Fuel Consumption Data
  77. Crashing-Not good for mileage!
  78. Do hubcaps affect fuel economy??
  79. Spark Plug Wires and conductance jelly
  80. After Market Ignitions?
  81. Be careful with pumped up tires
  82. fuel economy experiment link
  83. Pumping air to gasoline
  84. NOS Idea.
  85. DIY ECU
  86. "nanosolar" thin film cheap solar panels.
  87. Underfloor Cover
  88. Mineral Spirits- might not be a good additive
  89. Matt you'll find this interesting.
  90. A change in octane rating???
  91. Other means of saving fuel besides doing something to the car.
  92. Fuel economy benefit from transmission cooler?
  93. First Natural Gas Post -- Honda Civic GX
  94. Should I change.......????
  95. Tour de Sol mileage rally
  96. Halo sparkplugs
  97. Fuel economy links
  98. Previous Car's MPG
  99. I hear crickets
  100. Hotter Thermostat
  101. Wind diffuser
  102. Opinion: Best Fuel Injector/Intake Cleaner
  103. This is getting rediculous, LOL
  104. ISO-Heet for Emissions?
  105. Good fuel Mixture?
  106. News articles on the left side
  107. Water Fuel System
  108. Vaporizing Coleman Fuel
  109. Link about Winter Formulated Gasoline
  110. Using the distributor to create ozone
  111. high compression thought?
  112. My small changes helped my gas mileage. Screw 26mpg, I overshot it like crazy.
  113. Flat hubcaps?
  114. Honda - Which Head / Cam Combo?
  115. Tricking your 02 sensor
  116. Air Dam
  117. Gas Prices
  118. I can't break 26mpg
  119. Mothballs / Napthalene / WD40
  120. Xylene and Octane Boosting
  121. Drafting
  122. How much will mudflaps hurt MPG?
  123. Other ways to save on gas. What do you do?
  124. What type of gas to use
  125. Water Injection
  126. Modifying your spark plugs
  127. Inflate Your Tires With Nitrogen
  128. Synthetic Oil vs. Natural Oil
  129. PIB as a fuel additive
  130. Motor Mounts
  131. Got my headers today & question 'bout crank scrappers
  132. IAT Sensor Mod (Resistor Mod)
  133. Heated fuel
  134. Stock 21 mpg getting 29.8 mpg ... room for improvement
  135. Temperature and MPG: Wind drag experts needed... Ernie?
  136. Popular Mechanics article about some of the more popular gas saving devices
  137. Will turbo help fuel economy?
  138. Transmission choice for best fuel economy
  139. DiamonLarry - is this true? (hydrogen-boost)
  140. airflow - is more or less better?
  141. Civic modified to get 53 mpg.
  142. Allview Safety mirror to help eliminate side mirrors?
  143. What are gas prices like in your area?
  144. The effect of horsepower on gas mileage
  145. Where to Buy a Vacuum "Fuel Economy" Guage ??
  146. Engine oil weight and fuel economy
  147. The Condensator: Just a PCV Jar?
  148. Speaking of tire pressure
  149. Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Under Development
  150. Using magnets to improve fuel economy
  151. EPA plans to revamp mileage testing
  152. Hydrogen Generator!
  153. Concerning methods of measurement
  154. Outrageous prices on "money saving" devices
  155. Leaning fuel mixture and effect on engine temp
  156. Modifying exhaust to increase mileage?
  157. The amazing gas mileage blunder
  158. How about a car that gets 10,705 miles per gallon?
  159. PCV jar not working as expected
  160. Salt lake City
  161. Consumer reports 10 best for fuel mileage.
  162. Info from consumer reports, 3 fuel savers that dont work.
  163. Reducing aerodynamic drag
  164. Flywheel weight reduction?
  165. Some links for your reading pleasure
  166. Khaos Super Turbo Charger
  167. <--- PVC jar
  168. V8 to a V4
  169. Crazy Spark Plugs Claim Increase of 50% in Gas Mileage
  170. Creating a Switch to Shut Off Cylinders on the Fly
  171. Need advice for my upcoming upgrade
  172. thought this article was interesting
  173. Chasgood, tell us about your car.
  174. How to make the intake air more humid to save gas.
  175. Modification: Warm Air Intake
  176. Throttle Position During Acceleration and its effect on FE
  177. Diesel Kleen cetane booster
  178. How about just driving less?
  179. drivetrain resistance
  180. FFT Fuel Additive
  181. Low Rolling Resistance Tires
  182. New Jersey in the house!
  183. Ye Olde A/C shut off valve
  184. I was looking through my crx dealer brochure...
  185. ecu tuning
  186. Let's start a list of Make:Model:Trim:Modifications:Conditions:MPG!