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  1. 04 Si Hatch and other project
  2. I think I'm ready for my Swap now
  3. I'm jealous. Cousin just bought a 1995 VX. lotsa pics.
  4. Different Gas stations affects MPG?
  5. EOI: Not always a good choice (but at least my horn sounds nice)
  6. Chevy Aveo?
  7. What does it take to fill up a Tahoe
  8. Stealth / Performance Exhaust System Hybrid
  9. My VX Fuel Gauge might be inaccurate. Is there a cure?
  10. My VX has no Catalytic apparently. Am I wasting gas?
  11. MPG Caps
  12. Honda Civic Question
  13. 201 tips Good sticky Spice added. Few mistakes found?
  14. My Q's about selling modded hypermiler
  15. Lean bank effect on MPG
  16. Bought a non-ish fuel saving vehicle...
  17. what's the truth about trading in your gas guzzler
  18. Options driving to work & best strategy
  19. **how Old Are Your Tires?!!** Please Watch!!
  20. Took Moby Dick to the lake
  21. Help- Vacation
  22. grill block getting on my nerves
  23. Need TPS Help
  24. Gas mileage and the temperature?
  25. tubular headers/extractors for economy
  26. The WAI is a HAI now
  27. Gas tanks and hot parking lots. spark plugs
  28. How many MPG's am I losing for extra 20amps?
  29. Crazy prices to get great mpg.
  30. Need Some Advice - Quick
  31. Unbelievable
  32. Tire question
  33. OK, I gotta brag about my 99 Civic HX M/T!
  34. ScanGauge feedback wanted
  35. Civic Vx Shift Indicator Light (SIL) problem
  36. Question about drafting
  37. Does opening the rear truck window increase drag?
  38. Civic HB CX and VX
  39. Just bought Civic vx with bad bog problem!
  40. Does your car have a trip computer? Do you use it?
  41. 100mpg from diesel hatchback??
  42. Does this Aero mod really work?
  43. Whose car is this?
  44. My trip to Seattle, bragging on my SL1.
  45. Turned car off whie coasting in neutral and brakes locked. Why?
  46. d15b vs d15z1
  47. MPG has stalled at 35 - I need help!
  48. d15z1 into a 95 integra ls, please help
  49. New To H2 For Cars
  50. MPG meter. Could it be done another way?
  51. Picked up a Cobalt XFE tonight.
  52. Vacuum operated A/C switch
  53. CX to VX conversion?
  54. Another new VX owner
  55. anybody with 88-91 civic with supermid what did you find out
  56. hho?
  57. Last 22 years of driving
  58. 5-wire o2 sensor how to?
  59. Stupid question?
  60. Weight Reduction for better FE
  61. Alternative mpg computer retrofit
  62. Water4gas users!
  63. grille block/ HAI
  64. who's using these? results?
  65. wildfire
  66. I am in Japan and thinking of buying a fuel efficient car, what should I buy!!!
  67. engine running cooler after blocking the grill
  68. Ya'all made me do it!
  69. Killing the engine while revved up: Ok?
  70. Throwout bearing & EOC
  71. 12 Ways to Save Gas
  72. TBI replacing carb
  73. Need some help on MPG calculations please
  74. Which new car?
  75. 02 bung extender?
  76. Proper fill-up?
  77. HAI - what's the best temp?
  78. -- High Fan or A/C ... Better FE?? --
  79. Toyota yaris - bugging the crap out of me.
  80. Anyone bought the gold VX in NH yesterday?
  81. intercooler
  82. Big Red has first 30+mpg tank!
  83. Do knock sensors really allow the engine to advance indefinitely? (Theoretically)
  84. Speaking of alignment..
  85. So explain how H injection doesn't work again?
  86. "leaning" with EGR or air?
  87. Picked up another CRX HF today, FE much better
  88. Dissapointed with my MPG... any tips?
  89. Best combination of reliability and Fuel Economy for P/U's,SUV's or Minivans
  90. aero turbine performance exhaust
  91. coasting in gear uses 0 gas?, & gear oils?
  92. "When a gallon of gas is not exactly a gallon" from the Las Vegas Sun
  93. Driving on the white line
  94. spark plug gap
  95. Which one has better FE? CRX Si or DX?
  96. --Will A Block Heater Do Anything For 5 Minutes?---
  97. filler tube capacity 96-00 civic
  98. SeaFoam and 182k
  99. A question about the Metro XFi
  100. Road Pavement Variations
  101. i need a new car
  102. Firestone Potenza RE910
  103. filtering TPS on insight, vx?
  104. I'm fed up and I took action - pic
  105. Peak torque
  106. "Gas-Saving" Products: Fact or Fuelishness?
  107. want more mpg out of my 94 cx!
  108. Insight o2 sensor = hx/vx sensor?
  109. Lighten Car Weight
  110. Installing a d15z engine
  111. 93 civic vx mpg varies
  112. Is my car burning air?
  113. 1986 crx hf questions
  114. How to Increasing gas mileage on my 1993 Ford Ranger 4.0L automatic
  115. Would a VX engine d15z fit into a 94+ integra?
  116. Trying for 12 mpg on a MoHo
  117. How much does alignment affect FE?
  118. Civic VX or HX?
  119. 1996 DX ..what can I do?
  120. Good station wagons to get?
  121. Civic VX radiator fan
  122. Civic VX wheels or aftermarket?
  123. Civic STD
  124. BP vs Texaco
  125. Member's in Charlotte,NC Area
  126. 67mpg
  127. Gear Ratio/Peak Torque/Best FE Stategy
  128. Suburban Boston reporter seeks hypermilers
  129. 2 parter, need tires & i got 40MPG
  130. 89 Octane Gas, No Ethanol?
  131. Veggie oil car question..
  132. Check this out
  133. Has anyone tried these sparkplugs ?
  134. Uses for 3M 5151 teflon/high temp tape???
  135. Downshift override?
  136. When is MPG not MPG??
  137. Proud of myself 43 MPG
  138. Will wrapping a one wire O2 sensor with aluminum foil get the sensor to read richer?
  139. Seafoamed the CRX
  140. Rolling resistance: Tyre diameter vs width...
  141. ECUs with MAP, driveability programming and P+G.
  142. civic vx swap
  143. What to do with a Sephia?
  144. MPG v GPM
  145. Older cars
  146. I live in Japan. Which minicar should I buy?
  147. How to do it
  148. Need OBD2 Datalog Help - Shift Point/Cruising Speed
  149. Civic HX question
  150. O2 Sensor Voltage Enhancer
  151. Why Different Fuel Mileage for Civic VXs
  152. Saturn Wagons
  153. Replacing parts with lighter parts to save weight?
  154. New VX Owner
  155. 192f vs 195f 'stat
  156. Better highway gas mileage at high speed
  157. EOC bump starting -> synchro wear?
  158. Best Spark Plugs for Ford Focus
  159. Airtabs or Vortekz?
  160. Tire Inflation, Really?
  161. Wow, A/C sucks!
  162. Lighter weight motor oil for improved FE?
  163. I have greatly reduced my dependency on oil!!!
  164. Saw something interesting Electric/addon
  165. HH-O Spark plug
  166. Coroplast ethics?
  167. P&G confusing other drivers
  168. Hho
  169. Help, looking for LED meter to improve mileage
  170. heat=good
  171. Woo hoo! Got 30.22 mpg in my minivan!
  172. Cooling fan turns on at 202F normal?
  173. 1st generation odyssey really that bad?
  174. Have you noticed people are starting to follow you?
  175. No more Civic....time to (re)start on the Camry
  176. Renewable Petrolium discovered!
  177. Impact of removing catalytic converter
  178. More people follow highway speed limit?
  179. EOC/P+G wins NASCAR LifeLock 400
  180. P&G EOC FTW in Michigan
  181. How much to pay & what type of car
  182. ---Humor in Gas (1)---
  183. ---Direct injection is better for fe... or this?!---
  184. Would now be the time to score a Hummer?
  185. EOC Pulse & Glide?
  186. Who makes an Aftermarket MPG Computer?
  187. I hit 38!!!!!!!!
  188. I bought a Civic today!
  189. Question for CRX HF owners
  190. Control the fuel, Yoda say.
  191. Confucius say EOC inevitable
  192. Wear and tear on automatic transmission
  193. Is here someone from Montreal doing HHO experements?
  194. from 27.87 MPG to 71.43 MPG!!!!
  195. PCM/ECU tuning for economy -- where to find info?
  196. Very Confused Hypermiler here.
  197. Fuel Enhancer which saves you money
  198. "There is no gas shortage".. Excellent article from Business Week
  199. Saw a Smart ForTwo today up close and personal
  200. interesting gas milage/performance comparo
  201. Low gears
  202. ScanGaugeII in a Saturn 1.9L - O2 Sensor?
  203. What is more difficult? VX vs HX MPG
  204. Non-aggressive driving
  205. camshaft comparison
  206. help finding a car
  207. Tuning Software for old Saturns?
  208. fuel economy question
  209. Throttle Lock Cruise Control
  210. Motorcycles listed with cars?
  211. Any GS meetings or members in Austin,Tx
  212. Advice on MPG for Honda Element
  213. EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation, Good or Bad for FE?
  214. Why don't automakers use plastic body panels like the Saturn's any longer?
  215. attn Yoshi
  216. Grill blocking causes engine to flip out
  217. Gas Savers MPG postings
  218. '94 Escort Wagon for $400... what should I check?
  219. electric turbochargers
  220. junkyarding soon, need engine codes
  221. Help Me Explain this
  222. Smokey Yunick Hot Vapor Cycle Engine
  223. d16y7 to a d16y5
  224. Need Help please, DIY scangauage
  225. Questions and comments...
  226. P07 ECU differences for VX - CA versus Fed
  227. Running lean..
  228. Building an engine for mileage..
  229. Power vs economy
  230. 90 crx hf how can i increase gas mileage?
  231. Cobalt electric power steering
  232. Does anyone in the house here have a Vibe/Matrix?
  233. VX transmission needed
  234. Mandatory EOC
  235. Error beeps on EOC restart
  236. If this comes out, I WILL get one
  237. EOC not working for me?
  238. Why would constantly being lean mean poorer fuel economy?
  239. premium gas a bargain
  240. Is it time to sell my VX and buy new?
  241. Look at this schematic for my O2 sensors...
  242. P&G and cat temperature cycling?
  243. I wonder
  244. Finally Passed Smog!!!!!!!
  245. Tire time
  246. 2002 Blazer Help O2 Sensor
  247. Might be a fluke: went from 20 mpg avg. to 26!
  248. scan guage II problems black digits
  249. Dumb question on some terms
  250. Highway MPG