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  1. Mileage Computer Poll
  2. Anyone Know Where To Find A Closed Loop Monitor Or Lean Buzzer Or Air Fuel Guage
  3. Watch & enlighten
  4. LED lights
  5. Swapping Out from a CX to VX?
  6. New toy 98 Benz SLK
  7. bets on mpg increase?
  8. What tires should I use for highway?
  9. 100 MPG smart car myth
  10. What is FULL on a motorcycle tank?
  11. Chicagoland / south suburbs of ILLInois
  12. Idle coasting?
  13. need some advice, my VX destroyed!
  14. any vx owners tryed E85?
  15. Finally!
  16. Who Sells Geo Metro Engines
  17. Who Sells Geo Metro Engines
  18. how much do vx's cost these days?
  19. 33mpg VX, A/C on, highway miles going 80mph
  20. '09 Yaris 5-door in USA!
  21. vx owner wants more mpg!
  22. Engine buildup for MPG?
  23. Non ethonal gas
  24. Honda Civic VX - Installing Aftermarket Cruise?
  25. Need Help plz! HF tranny codes
  26. Gas prices up
  27. Double electrodes? Any difference?
  28. Low PSI, undersized, wrong tires?
  29. Is my math correct?
  30. E rated Michelins & new pics!!!
  31. Ef2 with d13b engine.
  32. New Civic HX
  33. Ways to not make people mad
  34. Station ran out of fuel!!!
  35. Civic VX -post your MPG
  36. Air Conditioning, DFCO, and non-DFCO engine braking
  37. Should CRX HF get more than 45 mpg?
  38. Do I get credit?
  39. civic vx issues! help!
  40. Did It!
  41. Honda Insight motor swap ECA1,help input please
  42. Regenerative braking on a bicycle
  43. Broke 40!
  44. 96' Saturn DOHC 5-spd- where to start
  45. vx ecu questions
  46. Car with a 9.6:1 Compression Ratio - What Fuel to use?
  47. Climate control
  48. time to tune it up
  49. CX to VX
  50. High compression + water injection
  51. Just got a 93 Escort GT to replace my 92 Protege DX
  52. Don't forget...other people check your tire pressure too
  53. Electrical usage and FE
  54. HX O2 Sensors=
  55. VX rims work on scion xa/xb?
  56. A.M.E.C. Economy Run II - Fonda, New York 10/5/08
  57. What now guys?
  58. Civic Tranny Swap?
  59. Widening spark plug gap?
  60. Here's how much in-town driving messes up my FE:
  61. Top 25 Gas Cars - 90 Day Average on 8/29
  62. Is it possible to induce DFCO early?
  63. coming to a complete stop?
  64. d15z1 into civic coupe lx
  65. Can some gallon guages at fuel pumps be fooling us?
  66. I want to add cruise control...
  67. Civic VX engine D15Z1 with an automatic transmission swap?
  68. Civic VX engine D15Z1 with an automatic transmission swap?
  69. Anyone in Grand Rapids, MI?
  70. Awesome read.
  71. Anyone in ohio or detroit area or anywhere in between??
  72. Need engine mods or tune better MPG
  73. Trident Iceni, a biodiesel-powered supercar, would get 57 mpg for just ?75,000
  74. Metro Detroiters?
  75. Driving Techniques with Auto trans
  76. Where to find new car US diesel release information?
  77. All about acetone in fuel
  78. Contradictory tips.
  79. Just got an HF body and VX motor.
  80. Oil: Spend more on better oil for FE?
  81. E10 and MPG
  82. air dam material
  83. Lost MPG after Tune Up on Honda VX
  84. ScanGaugeII $139.99
  85. does anyone read Korean. Some good info in the summaries
  86. DPFI Love.
  87. CVT & Mpg
  88. How is Acetone supposed to work?
  89. Eastern PA
  90. R.I.P. My 98 Civic HX
  91. Article about the site on Boing Boing Gadgets.
  92. Will installing an intake on a Civic Vx affect MPGs?
  93. has anyone tried the nology hotwires for MPG savings?
  94. Partial/Full fill up?
  95. how to change your V8 to a 4-cylinder
  96. New chevy Cruze
  97. Datsun 510 Plans
  98. Shouldn't I be getting better MPG
  99. Hypermiling Class in Manhattan, Kansas
  100. 2007 Civic and fuel additive question...
  101. Marvin is trippin' so I did a bunch...
  102. coast to coast trip checklist
  103. (VX/HX) The counterfeit L1H1/L2H2 O2 sensors: making them, making them better
  104. Kill Switch 95 CIVIC
  105. Improve pickup truck mileage
  106. The Drive Smart Challenge
  107. Any experience with LUKoil?
  108. Chevrolet Cruze/Cobalt
  109. Swap d15z1 into a '96-'00 Honda Civic
  110. Can't make ANYONE happy.
  111. Broke 40 mpg :)
  112. Secrets to Better Gas Mileage Program ... help raise ECO awareness!!!!
  113. Current TV spot
  114. some things i learned
  115. 50MPG coming in 2009!
  116. The Downside of Fuelly
  117. What do you put in your car for a little extra vroom?!?
  118. (VX/HX) 5-wire O2 Sensor Rcal values?
  119. 1998 Civic RPM speeds
  120. Pontiac Vibe .... has vortex generators from factory? *pics*
  121. A ligit sensor that can improve FE 4-8%???
  122. 50mpg with del sol!
  123. Did I speak too soon?
  124. Nissan's Eco Pedal
  125. Gasoline-altitude hybrid?
  126. Summer Heat is killing my MPG...
  127. More Fuel Saving Tip Suggestions
  128. Keeping my distance in traffic
  129. how much does suspension affect MPG
  130. Beating EPA fuel economy...
  131. Turbo Boost and FE
  132. low rolling resistance LRR tires
  133. Space saver wheels
  134. Moby Dick does Florida
  135. (VX/HX) Any experince w/Walker 250-25001 O2 sensor?
  136. NanoTech fuel additive
  137. Has anyone else noticed the #1 MPG and #1 above EPA ratings?
  138. FE changed after 3 weeks trip
  139. Any way to find EPA ratings for older model vehicles?
  140. SIL necessary?
  141. nissan thinking about FE
  142. Leave Standard or CRX HF 5 Speed
  143. KIa Spectra
  144. spark plug wires
  145. Civic HX Question
  146. Any experiences towing with a 92-95 Civic?
  147. Some small cars burn gas like a small truck
  148. best reviews of all fuel saving gudgets
  149. Does anyone know where to get a . . .
  150. not using radio?
  151. 1994 Civic VX New owner disappointed!
  152. Anyone from Las Vegas?
  153. Obama: 'Inflate your tires'
  154. Small truck Fuel Economy.
  155. Ford Ranger (1995) obd 1 guage
  156. Check Engine Light?
  157. Mikuni carburettors have DFCO!!
  158. Best fuel economy for the buck
  159. Performance Mods = FE Increase?!?
  160. I give up, It's not worth my time...
  161. Car sales falling fast in the Bay Area
  162. Imagine this
  163. Fed Up With Gas Prices!!!
  164. Honda DPFI vs MPFI...
  165. My FE is falling and I don't know why
  166. Oxygen sensor problems?
  167. Last three months of Fuel Use
  168. Route Selection impact on FE
  169. DFCO in a 1990 Honda Civic STD
  170. smaller ports
  171. Best trans combo for a CRX DX?
  172. Americans united fo fuel price control
  173. We are on a crusade to create a voluntary online "Gas Purchasing Union"
  174. my vx just failed smog
  175. Question about torque
  176. Couple of Questions about my 97 Civic Hx, lean burn, etc..
  177. 04 Si Hatch and other project
  178. I think I'm ready for my Swap now
  179. I'm jealous. Cousin just bought a 1995 VX. lotsa pics.
  180. Different Gas stations affects MPG?
  181. EOI: Not always a good choice (but at least my horn sounds nice)
  182. Chevy Aveo?
  183. What does it take to fill up a Tahoe
  184. Stealth / Performance Exhaust System Hybrid
  185. My VX Fuel Gauge might be inaccurate. Is there a cure?
  186. My VX has no Catalytic apparently. Am I wasting gas?
  187. MPG Caps
  188. Honda Civic Question
  189. 201 tips Good sticky Spice added. Few mistakes found?
  190. My Q's about selling modded hypermiler
  191. Lean bank effect on MPG
  192. Bought a non-ish fuel saving vehicle...
  193. what's the truth about trading in your gas guzzler
  194. Options driving to work & best strategy
  195. **how Old Are Your Tires?!!** Please Watch!!
  196. Took Moby Dick to the lake
  197. Help- Vacation
  198. grill block getting on my nerves
  199. Need TPS Help
  200. Gas mileage and the temperature?
  201. tubular headers/extractors for economy
  202. The WAI is a HAI now
  203. Gas tanks and hot parking lots. spark plugs
  204. How many MPG's am I losing for extra 20amps?
  205. Crazy prices to get great mpg.
  206. Need Some Advice - Quick
  207. Unbelievable
  208. Tire question
  209. OK, I gotta brag about my 99 Civic HX M/T!
  210. ScanGauge feedback wanted
  211. Civic Vx Shift Indicator Light (SIL) problem
  212. Question about drafting
  213. Does opening the rear truck window increase drag?
  214. Civic HB CX and VX
  215. Just bought Civic vx with bad bog problem!
  216. Does your car have a trip computer? Do you use it?
  217. 100mpg from diesel hatchback??
  218. Does this Aero mod really work?
  219. Whose car is this?
  220. My trip to Seattle, bragging on my SL1.
  221. Turned car off whie coasting in neutral and brakes locked. Why?
  222. d15b vs d15z1
  223. MPG has stalled at 35 - I need help!
  224. d15z1 into a 95 integra ls, please help
  225. New To H2 For Cars
  226. MPG meter. Could it be done another way?
  227. Picked up a Cobalt XFE tonight.
  228. Vacuum operated A/C switch
  229. CX to VX conversion?
  230. Another new VX owner
  231. anybody with 88-91 civic with supermid what did you find out
  232. hho?
  233. Last 22 years of driving
  234. 5-wire o2 sensor how to?
  235. Stupid question?
  236. Weight Reduction for better FE
  237. Alternative mpg computer retrofit
  238. Water4gas users!
  239. grille block/ HAI
  240. who's using these? results?
  241. wildfire
  242. I am in Japan and thinking of buying a fuel efficient car, what should I buy!!!
  243. engine running cooler after blocking the grill
  244. Ya'all made me do it!
  245. Killing the engine while revved up: Ok?
  246. Throwout bearing & EOC
  247. 12 Ways to Save Gas
  248. TBI replacing carb
  249. Need some help on MPG calculations please
  250. Which new car?