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  1. been researching several possible mods,but....
  2. ECU question
  3. performance air filter
  4. How to accelerate in P&G mode?
  5. Plotting the drive!
  6. cold weather and hho generator
  7. Acetone testing on a dynamometer
  8. Rerouting hoses
  9. DIY Fuel rate meter/injector duty cycle meter/GPH
  10. And we have a wiener!
  11. New HHO Gen...need help wiring...
  12. A cheap and easy way to eliminate or reduce your alternator drag on FE?
  13. I don't get it? I only got 3 more MPG???
  14. Sterling Engine to Power Alternator?
  15. Factory decel cutoff improvements?
  16. How to trick the EFI on newer cars...
  17. HHO Builders Unite!
  18. Help with Experiments
  19. Some thoughts on HHO
  20. Diesel electric truck in progress. Any thoughts?
  21. Isopropyl Alcohol
  22. vaccum modified cruise control linkage
  23. an idea for A/C
  24. 2 cyl civic test?
  25. Device promises to save 60% at the pump, HHO?
  26. New to HHO need some ideas!
  27. How to demonstrate HHO generation...
  28. odd test results
  29. Wash & Wax experiment
  30. Experiment for VXers
  31. Larger gas tank for CRX
  32. Extreme front airdam - a test
  33. HP needed to go 65MPH?
  34. Manual conversion - will it change fuel economy???
  35. What about a slip-over lightweight body??
  36. Window screen vaporizer
  37. Air Dam Project
  38. Follow my progress with Wagonstein!
  39. Nice weather + slow highway speed = over expectation
  40. Wagon aero trials
  41. HHO Generator and O2 Sensor
  42. Has anyone tried hho on 2 stroke
  43. CRX Rear Wiper Delete HOW-TO
  44. HHO Genarator Plans
  45. ECU remapping on a big Dodge dakota
  46. Partial fuel fill
  47. DIY displacement on demand system project
  48. DIY displacement on demand system project
  49. tuning Haltech on a performance car for FE
  50. CRX on CVCC body?
  51. O2 Sensor Extender?
  52. water fuel?
  53. ATF in manual tranny
  54. Oxygen Sensor Tweaking On ODB2
  55. Brake conversion
  56. Drip irrigation system water injection (Cheap!)
  57. HHO vs water vapor injection
  58. Realize the full Performance/Economy Potential of a Honda Civic VX
  59. plans for a hho generator
  60. Regrinding a camshaft for FE
  61. We're saving on gas...
  62. The engine's response to HHO injection
  63. TCC Experiment
  64. Remapping ECU for lean burn
  65. My HHO Generator
  66. Cheap HHO
  67. CRX VX Mileage Experiments
  68. Disconnected the fan, is this running too hot?
  69. Vaccum in relation to MPG
  70. More on the Boat Anchor Muffler
  71. Wheel Well Covers Greatly Disappointing
  72. Anyone run straight coolant?
  73. 1992 CX to VX conversion?
  74. Brew your own gas?
  75. Am I dreaming? HHO output at 280MA!!!
  76. Basic Test of Adding Hydrogen
  77. Two engines?
  78. NiMH Starting Battery?
  79. CRX HF to VX Conversion How to.
  80. turbine energy recovery system...
  81. An addition to current engine technology?
  82. 2008 Yaris Sedan 5MT W/ Catback Magnaflow
  83. HyCO 2A
  84. Rolling friction of the vehicle.
  85. Electric Cooling Fans
  86. Idle time during cold weather
  87. A new idea for belly panning?
  88. airdam vs screen bellypan
  89. Warm Air Intakes
  90. HHO, HFE, HFI myths
  91. H2o For Gas
  92. Groovin' Honda CVCC head suggestions
  93. New HHO Setup
  94. Need info and insight on 5th wheel regen braking
  95. Modified PCV trap
  96. HHO Gas/Hydrobooster
  97. Civic VX Block Heater Install
  98. CRX mods
  99. Petsmart water ingestion system
  100. CRX HF '91 Federal ECU in '88 CA?
  101. GPS, proven!
  102. Elecrostatic air filter
  103. Opinions
  104. Push button stop?
  105. Cruise control cylinder cut.
  106. Is HHO the way to go?
  107. Direct Drive Alternator
  108. TWO CYLINDER SATURN, bad idea.
  109. Exhaust Experiments & Air Fuel Ratio
  110. Experiment Request: Traction at 50 psi vs 30 psi
  111. Fuel Vaporizer
  112. mythbusters
  113. water injection and engine vacuum question
  114. cheap air valve design
  115. SMooTHn's DIY 92-95 Civic City Lights
  116. fuel
  117. picked up a cx transmission for the in sol
  118. Brake Puck Return Tool - Home Made
  119. 0.5 volt dc battery to fool O2 sensor?
  120. Early acetone test results...
  121. Acetone results...
  122. intake heater
  123. Slightly different IAT mod
  124. Regenerative braking?
  125. Several Mods + VGs = 9.66mpg Increase
  126. Air scoop for mpg?
  127. Heavy flywheel to improve idling and low rpm torque
  128. header wrap
  129. Tail pipe restrictor test
  130. ICE loads
  131. Failure Breeds Success
  132. Idle second equivalent of starting an engine
  133. DIY: Make a PVC Catch Can for your PCV System
  134. DIY: Make an aftermaket PCV into an OEM VX PCV
  135. Water Carburator
  136. Article on DIY O2 A/F sensor LED Gauge
  137. How many of you are running hot air intakes?
  138. Kill Switch for 5th gen (92-95) Civics
  139. Timing chain and FE
  140. adjusting the ignition timing via the map sensor.
  141. The really little cars on road trips, Are mountains gonna pose a problem?
  142. Anyone experiment with high flow mufflers?
  143. Fix for a wonky Civic speedometer
  144. DIY EFIE for less than $5.
  145. Measure Fuel usage using DVM
  146. Measure Fuel usage using DVM
  147. Bypass Thermostat
  148. Header Design Theory
  149. Alcohol Lawnmower
  150. Maintenance Logs
  151. OBDII CarPC MPG Calculator
  152. Ventilation Inlet Mods
  153. Grill block questions
  154. Innovate LC-1 wide band controller
  155. SuperMid users--how much gas at idle?
  156. TJ: Bug Shield testing
  157. DIY: VSS speed sensor replacement
  158. Need info on turbines
  159. Throttle Limiter?
  160. E-fan swaps, what was the state of your old fan?
  161. Fuel injector cut....
  162. Installing an Aqua-tune today...
  163. How long should a test be run?
  164. quick fix of a shallow dent
  165. A/C On then Off
  166. gallons per hour / RPM - no load
  167. DIY decel fuel cutoff
  168. electric fan conversion and engine temps question
  169. Spammer Experiment - Silasx3
  170. Electric fan control
  171. requesting a water pump experiment
  172. high mph then glide
  173. O2 Experiment 06 Xa Scion
  174. Brisk spark plugs
  175. Rear wheel skirts: disappointing results
  176. BlackFly Copy Cat
  177. simple LED question (start-stop switch sidetrack)
  178. Pulse vs Burn
  179. Coast-down Test
  180. VX rims powdercoated....
  181. EGT Gauge Sender Unit
  182. Underhood temp after varying levels of grill blockoff
  183. engine start / stop button question
  184. Supermid M1 install in 88-91 crx
  185. 5W-30 (cheap) to 0W-20 (expensive)
  186. install a new radio in your 92-95 Civic
  187. DIY: Dashboard light LED conversion
  188. diy mpg gauge
  189. O2 Sensor Unplug
  190. fuel heater
  191. burn and glide @ 70mph
  192. Experiments: Any Requests?
  193. Shell V-Power test
  194. Saturn s-series auto to manual trans swap success
  195. Smart plugs? Anybody tried this?
  196. Who's a good mathematician/statistician?
  197. improving cold start FE [throwing around ideas]
  198. SuperMID M-1 Mileage Computer information portal
  199. What's the best gas for acetone mixing?
  200. Somender Singh grooves
  201. How-To: Intermittent wipers in a Honda CX/VX
  202. A New Tool for MPG Testing
  203. Cruise control mod for fixed throttle position
  204. Tailgate
  205. Coast down test.
  206. How to improve this auto. trans. acceleration test
  207. Someone has got to do this.
  208. Grille Block Failure
  209. Hand throttle
  210. Installed a wideband with a narrowband simulator
  211. Broken bolt removal
  212. Ca-40g
  213. ethanol conversions?
  214. Acetone Additive Poll
  215. Truck aero improvements
  216. Long term Ethanol use and FE effects.
  217. Engine AutoOff Switch
  218. Water AirFilter Injection
  219. Got the Goodyear Viva 2s
  220. Peakster's Experiment #6: Mmm... DONUTS!
  221. Required Horsepowr at 60 mph
  222. Modding for a solar panel
  223. Acetone additive : big dissappointment
  224. So pill bottles don't make good PCV catch cans....
  225. Effect of gear oil viscosity on transmission efficiency (Metroid owners take note)
  226. Aerodynamic grooves/ridges?
  227. my friends car gets same mileage no matter what?
  228. Power Steering Delete
  229. Add-on sixth gear
  230. electrical loads, real amp draw on the vx
  231. LRR tires Goodyear "Viva 2"
  232. Trip computer / ScanGuage equivalent
  233. Peakster's Experiment #5: ACETONE REVEALED!!!
  234. Mini Test: Driving With Load VS. Cruise Control - DWL (more or less) busted!
  235. Home built ramps from 2x10's?
  236. Volvo lose weight
  237. EPV trike in Sweden
  238. cold gas
  239. Trying out an aftermarket intake
  240. New film with mopedcar in sweden.
  241. Acceleration mini-experiment
  242. Warm Air Intake (WAI) insanity
  243. Roof racks
  244. Bilge pump mod
  245. Adjustable Temp Control Switch
  246. Air Dam and Front Undertray
  247. Showing off my attempt at a grill block
  248. Uniglide CFR lube
  249. Poor man's Scanguage (or SuperMID)
  250. Anyone dis-connect power steering???