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  1. Adding a partial to the next fill-up.
  2. Logbook entries do not load after a fuel-up
  3. Graph is not matching
  4. Adding "$xx.xx purchased" to SMS response
  5. Show Running Average in Forum Signature
  6. Multiple fuel ups - same date
  7. Tracking business miles for tax purposes
  8. App for Iphone and Android?
  9. Nothing appears in Facebook
  10. customizable graph
  11. We are experimenting with enabling user reputation.
  12. Bug in car browser
  13. Developer API?
  14. Log and Facebook MPG issue
  15. How do I view graphs on my page?
  16. Default units is US ... causes confusion with non-US signatures
  17. missing odometer reading
  18. Fuel Log Display Problem
  19. Rush Hour Traffic, City driving?
  20. Time-Offset in Settings is not honored in CSV Exports
  21. not showing up
  22. Graphs disappeared!
  23. 6 fuel-ups in two months now 6 fuel-ups a month?
  24. More graph options
  25. Advanced Options
  26. New vehicle make request, how long to add.
  27. Editing a fill up for a retired vehicle declares it is for the current one.
  28. Average price per gallon
  29. Question regarding adding miles as motorway or urban.
  30. UK MPG/US Gallons
  31. view vehicles by best MPG
  32. google+ integration?
  33. My Car Missing From Browse Vehicles
  34. Mobile Site Suggestions
  35. TIME field missing in Add a fuel-up
  36. metric-imperial rounding loses significant figures
  37. Delete city vs highway %?
  38. SMS fillup bug
  39. Smoothed graph lines
  40. Notes displaying & instead of &
  41. 4x4 or 2x4??
  42. Suggestion for alerting to new best MPG
  43. Initial ODO readings of new car on fuelly
  44. Signature showing wrong MPG
  45. Signature Problem
  46. Mobile Site suggestion
  47. UK date format incorrect
  48. Proposed Feature: Search
  49. Joint Membership with GasBuddy?
  50. Recent change to mobile site?
  51. Twitter updates not posting
  52. iPhone App
  53. We've added Facebook and Twitter automatic posting
  54. Can I double up to account for missed fuel-up?
  55. Math error with the running average
  56. Fuel-up Log View
  57. Publishing Fill-up Stats from Mobile Site?
  58. Mobile feature?
  59. Reconciling the first fuel-up in a new vehicle
  60. Badges Temporarily Offline
  61. Adding Engine Size and Info in Profile
  62. Fuelly Mobile horribly slow on iPhone 3G
  63. Incorrect photo displaying
  64. Average Number of Fuel-Ups Incorrect?
  65. Why doesnt my car show up under 'browse vehicles'?
  66. How to change fuel type
  67. Average running mileage on dashboard mistakely same as last fill-up.
  68. Something New - Reminders
  69. Trivial bug
  70. Inconsistent Data
  71. Over 100 Gallons
  72. Ave MPG higher than best ever
  73. One of my custom stats does not work.
  74. Cost/km incorrectly calcuated on home page
  75. Configure Highway vs. City
  76. Fuel-up feature that could be handy?
  77. Mobile site - MPG reading incorrect
  78. unrealistic mileage claim
  79. Fuelly cant add up
  80. City vs Highway tracking now a car setting
  81. city vs highway via SMS?
  82. API and Feedback
  83. Help!
  84. New Fuelly Design
  85. password reset e-mail is not working
  86. Uploading old fill up info
  87. Fuelly Mobile Location Data
  88. Price/Mile is very useful data
  89. Mpg changed on log back in.
  90. Fuelly mobile site (m.fuelly.com)
  91. Audi S3
  92. Organize searched vehicle data
  93. change car name?
  94. Signature Badge Incorrect After Adding Second Car
  95. SMS Phone Number down?
  96. Updating Graph
  97. Logging mileage via text message
  98. Problems with Total Miles Driven
  99. 2012 cars
  100. Price form problem
  101. Site navigation refinement
  102. More specific "engine type" by model
  103. fuelly mobile site issue
  104. More metric unit options
  105. Which EPA Numbers?
  106. A preview of our new site for Earth Day!
  107. Issues with the MPG Average.
  108. Find vehicles/friends by area?
  109. mistertee's Dashboard Figures Wrong!
  110. Data Extract
  111. SMS Returns Landline Error
  112. More chart options
  113. Fuelly siggy
  114. Getting started with a new car
  115. Average MPG graphs misleading
  116. SMS question
  117. Problem with badges.
  118. Metric Units in Overview.
  119. My car not showing up on Browse Vehicles
  120. Incorrect mileage calculation?
  121. Is the MPG average 'weighted'?
  122. more stats and graphs
  123. MPG Calculation
  124. Starting milage??
  125. electricity / kWh fuel type
  126. Editing posts
  127. Text Query
  128. Time only on re-edit?
  129. Fill up more than one vehicle with SMS
  130. Top Ten for Motorcycle Browse Page
  131. Invite button
  132. Default Car?
  133. Like to see top X list of user fill-ups
  134. Suggestion for the forum topic/posts area.
  135. See car details directly after fuel-up
  136. US/UK/Metric all the same???
  137. SMS Problem
  138. Regional price variation
  139. More accurate detail tracking?
  140. Drop Price/Gal and Add Cost of Fill-Up
  141. Improve mobile usability by specifying number input fields
  142. Mobile Page for Smartphones
  143. New Search box?
  144. Feature Request:: addition on fuel-up page
  145. Vehicle not listed in browse vehicle section
  146. adding servicing and running costs
  147. Location per vehicle, not per user account
  148. 4-decimal-place Cost Per Mile?
  149. First fill ignored in ODO mode.
  150. Fuelly Mobile Update
  151. Feully API
  152. CSV import problem.
  153. Bug when Updating Car with Model of Type Others
  154. More filters for graphs
  155. Where'd the graphs go?!
  156. AVG MPG seems too high
  157. Profile averages seem off
  158. Cost per Mile - Statistic Request
  159. Total Cost of a Fill Up
  160. litres conversion changed?
  161. Cost field in "add a note".
  162. MPG not Shown
  163. Can fuel descriptions associate with mileage at *next* fuel-up?
  164. Post fuel up without odometer reading?
  165. Bug with car image upload
  166. Location awareness!
  167. Account Settings
  168. Past yearly vehicle stats.
  169. Add a "Beginning Odometer Reading"
  170. More SMS Requests
  171. Epa estimates?
  172. Odometer tracking and maintenance reminders.
  173. Questions for pb about site.
  174. engine type update?
  175. Allow Us to Email to Fuelly Our Updates?
  176. How do I record odometer readings?
  177. Could you add?
  178. fuel log date showing another language
  179. Fuelly badge icon choices
  180. US / metric switching problems
  181. How to fix a broken garage link
  182. CNG and lack of Kg/cubic meter
  183. Body style - Liftback - missing
  184. Can you flag a fuel-up to disregard it?
  185. Chevy Volt
  186. My Fuelly Badge
  187. Why fill my tank?
  188. I wish...
  189. Browse Vehicles
  190. This has always "bugged" me - why no car/garage search feature?
  191. Garage comments?
  192. Price precision & "Primary Vehicle"
  193. Slightly annoying sort order on 'View all fuel-ups'
  194. IPhone App any time soon?
  195. Basic Stats
  196. New model approval?
  197. Rolling Averages?
  198. Rounding errors
  199. Wrong Gallons for UK user
  200. Feature: Option for both Metric and Imperial on Badge
  201. Fuelly Suggestion!
  202. Identify gas types (Octane)
  203. Suggestion: Ability to have date in format DD/MM/YYYY
  204. Trouble Logging On Last Nite?
  205. Starting odometer reading
  206. Vehicles excluded from graph?
  207. Request avg. fuel per car
  208. Need to break out drivetrains
  209. Accuracy of Fuelly
  210. Really GasSavers.org? Really?
  211. Print
  212. More Advanced Search or Sort options
  213. Multiple fillups per day - graph order
  214. Fabia RS - Wrong!
  215. Help...MPG calculator not working
  216. MPG, why not l/100km in the gaslog?
  217. Suggestion: Display units next to odometer
  218. UK units setting not 'remembered'.
  219. pain to set up in UK
  220. km/l possible?
  221. Facebook Fuelly App
  222. Total gallons per year?
  223. Suggestion - Track average speed
  224. Only Showing Average MPG, not MPGs per Fuel-Up?
  225. Suggestion
  226. API - Revisted?
  227. error when going to page
  228. Log your Cycling/Running on Fuelly?
  229. Fuel up date based on server timezone, not user
  230. Drivetrain options and sorting
  231. issue with image in signature banner
  232. Sort database for all cars by mpg
  233. For the Brits
  234. Miles driven for year.
  235. miles between fuelup limit?
  236. Small feature request
  237. Garmin to Fuelly Conversion Program
  238. Program not work.. while entering price in Thai Bhat
  239. Tracking Distance Using the Odometer
  240. UK units vs US units problems?
  241. Filter for cars that aren't being updated?
  242. Total avg mpg calculation?
  243. Add car
  244. Transfer Vehicle to Other Fuelly User
  245. Fuelly Signature not showing correct average MPG
  246. fixing your garage
  247. Need help - my trip odometer was reset
  248. request: add 3&6 month simple moving averages to the graphs.
  249. Working on a new membership system
  250. Export fuel-ups