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  1. Add a Fuel-up via Text
  2. Pro Version - Thread #2
  3. Change donation ID e-mail address?
  4. Text Fill-up
  5. Adding Service Record from multiple reminders
  6. Old Pro registration that keeps deactivating
  7. Help with Purchase Rec (Sibling rec error)
  8. Contacting FUELLY
  9. I forgot to make a backup
  10. For Future Release Purchase price
  11. Missed fuel up - but know mileage
  12. Will aCar continue to be a going concern?
  13. My Fuelly costs and cars show on a Google Search
  14. Iphone to Android
  15. "You have one vehicle on Fuelly account which you're tracking its fuelups with trip d
  16. Calculations are wrong
  17. Can I upload a vehicle from webpage?
  18. Records
  19. Octane statistics applied wrong
  20. Hide retired cars
  21. Neaby Fueling Stations
  22. For Future Release Forgotten Records
  23. For Future Release Electric car features please
  24. Data went missing...
  25. Selling car to another Fuelly user
  26. Pictures/PDF files
  27. For Future Release Why my data lost
  28. Access to the Average Speed Field
  29. EDIT Purchase price
  30. Where to add purchase price
  31. For Future Release Would like ability to track DEF purchase/use
  32. GPS Route Logging
  33. Why bother Upgrading to Pro Version?
  34. Nearby Fueling Stations
  35. Trip Mode?
  36. Cusromize Main Concole
  37. Calculate City/Highway from Avg Speed
  38. For Future Release Reset scheduled service items
  39. Issue with Total time in statistics
  40. Merge data from two different versions.
  41. Purchase data lost
  42. Insurance expense.
  43. Lost data from Late August to Late September
  44. Multiple purchase records?
  45. add option for different tire sizes
  46. Feature request
  47. PDF attachment can't open
  48. For Future Release Auto Start Trip
  49. 5.2.8 widgets broken
  50. Portuguese translation
  51. Lost maintenance records
  52. Fuelly icon on android
  53. Unable to register aCar Pro
  54. Pro Version
  55. Rollback v5.2.2?
  56. Bi fuel / dual deposit support
  57. For Future Release OBD II Trip Integration
  58. Error in date calculation
  59. New Trip
  60. Fuel-Up Records No Avg Speed
  61. "Family" configuration question given new sync ability
  62. Hourly, daily and weekly automatic backups to local storage.
  63. Fuelly deleted file
  64. Requested new features
  65. Track service/fillups by HOUR instead of mile/KM?
  66. Engine fuel specification - gasoline missing
  67. Why is the iOS app so different (and better)?
  68. ACar App
  69. Incorrect Previous Odometer
  70. Services and reminders
  71. Enter data out of sequence
  72. Update on Development Please
  73. Recording trips on fuelly.com
  74. Reminder Alerts not working
  75. Import aCar data into Fuelly online.
  76. Fuelly Car Tracking by mileage vs distance
  77. Cannot import trips
  78. Total cost of ownership calc
  79. Cant compare cars in the charts
  80. App will not restor .abp file
  81. suggestion: Some smart fuel-up features
  82. Export in CSV?
  83. Time zone issues on sync
  84. Sync multiple devices
  85. Local Backup after setting up SYNC
  86. Parts data
  87. For Future Release Address Entry Field
  88. How to track hours and Oil type used?
  89. ACAR was broken after the last update
  90. Fuelly/Acar merge went haywire
  91. For Future Release Feature Request: Adjust sync frequency
  92. CSV Export Missing / Roll Back to 4.x?
  93. change from trip to odo reader so i can use aCar
  94. 5.x missing all vehicles
  95. Apply default reminder option missing
  96. Duplicate parts for different year same car
  97. Sync problem
  98. Different Service Intervals for Multiple Vehicles
  99. Services to exist vehicle
  100. Version 5.0.x - Fuel Efficiency Incorrect
  101. Bug (I hope) in setting/changing Time based reminders
  102. Issue with Total time in Statistics
  103. Old phone gone, fuelly missing vehicles, old backup not readable. Help!
  104. Sync Errors...Lots of them
  105. ACAR for iPads/iPhones
  106. Keeps crashing on classification
  107. Can I correct E-mail address on android app?
  108. Decimal point disabled
  109. Reports Possibility
  110. Input units incorrect
  111. When will 5.0 rollout be complete?
  112. Reminders sort by due date
  113. Partial Fill Up MPG Value wrong
  114. So Ugly
  115. Validation Errors
  116. multiple cars on two different phones
  117. Missing Services Records
  118. Validation Errors
  119. aCar 5.x suggestions and observations
  120. Fuelly sync of retired vehicle
  121. Multiple Drivers
  122. Confirmed: Sync
  123. aCar 5.0 wrong update sync
  124. aCar 5.0 missing info...
  125. aCar 5.0 translations
  126. Entering older service records
  127. Please Remove Cloud Backup References
  128. Adding vehicle
  129. Will it EVER reach the web?
  130. Selecting what counts as running costs in aCar
  131. App not working
  132. Cannot wait for new version
  133. Reminders: Silence or Dismiss?
  134. Converting from total miles to trip odometer miles
  135. 94.5 mpg???
  136. Moving to new phone
  137. Switching to Android
  138. Maintenance intervals per vehicle.
  139. aCar backup locations?
  140. aCar to Fuelly.com sync?
  141. Can't import csv
  142. GasTracker+ iPhone to Android?
  143. maintenance other than those listed
  144. ABP file only
  145. syncing with sibling records
  146. How to import/enter older records?
  147. aCar for Android 5.0 beta talk
  148. Inaccurate reminders
  149. My Cars export to aCar
  150. Rename Gas Station
  151. We are now looking for aCar 5.0 beta testers!
  152. widget to NFC
  153. No file? Droid Turbo
  154. Moving to iOS - what app can I use?
  155. Removing gas stations from the data base?
  156. Deleted SD Card Date but have Dropbox Files
  157. Bought Pro Unlocker from Amazon - can no longer download it
  158. Lost Data -OK - So How do I Catch up?
  159. Trip Record - When do you use it?
  160. New Fill-up Odometer? ??
  161. Problem with importing CSV file.
  162. Vehicle Mileage is wrong...how to fix?
  163. Combined service records
  164. Notifications not accurate
  165. Feature Request - Multiple Time Zone Support
  166. Fails to import CSV file from Fuelly to aCar
  167. aCar unable to find backup file
  168. Can't Deactivate Old Device
  169. Entering Price/gallon
  170. Trip Rec Location
  171. Backup suggestion
  172. Purging old records
  173. restore data from old backup
  174. Dual Fuel (bi-fuel) and Vechicles
  175. share data on acar
  176. How do you delete a vehicle in acar
  177. aCar new app, translations
  178. Won't backup old data using Full Restore option
  179. reinstalling pro
  180. Estimated Trip Cost
  181. app mileage not correct?
  182. cannot install on Q10
  183. Need to add old records
  184. Migrate How-to
  185. Cannot install
  186. lost backup data
  187. Road Trip Import failing
  188. Validation Problems - Cannot save record
  189. Combine data from two phones
  190. lost phone, lost 2 months of data
  191. Is There Available An aCar Version That Is Compatible With Gingerbread
  192. aCar for Windows Phone?
  193. Materiale Design
  194. Unable to register aCar Pro
  195. Vehicle Classification ALWAYS coming up!
  196. migrate from aCar to fuelly
  197. Fixed: data recovery
  198. Cannot Register aCar
  199. aCar to IOS
  200. support in app for dual fuels
  201. Adding hour tracking
  202. Reading aCar ABP File
  203. Recover Data From Phone
  204. Fuelly & ACar sync
  205. switching to iOS from android
  206. Moving to Android from GasTracker+ HELP!
  207. Backup to Sd Card
  208. Switch from iOS Gas Cubby
  209. Need Help Recovering aCar Data
  210. aCar app won't download.
  211. GPS Problems
  212. OBD2 Tie In?
  213. aCar for Windows PC?
  214. Log in question
  215. UI Design
  216. Unlocked aCar
  217. Feature request - Receipt Scanning!
  218. import fail
  219. Tyre log
  220. Cross border features
  221. Adjust Parameters for Reminders
  222. diferents device with one profile???
  223. Issue with odo reading and date
  224. Confirmed: Cannot edit a recent fill on Android Fuelly Ap
  225. aCar has an interesting interface. Not Android Standard
  226. aCar translation
  227. aCar Pro Key & UX
  228. Last Odometer
  229. Two change request s
  230. For Future Release Purchased acar pro for my 4.4.2 android :)
  231. aCar-Fuelly features
  232. Fuelly Android app not working
  233. Where did everyone's vehicles go? I don't see them.
  234. aCar future feature update questions
  235. Unconfirmed: Wont add fuel up
  236. Export to Fuelly.com
  237. instructions to restore from evernote
  238. Fuelly Android App Update
  239. Fuelly app problem on Android 4.4.x?
  240. Samung Galaxy S4
  241. no period on android keypad
  242. Please add miles/day to mini stats
  243. Anybody try this Android Fuelly client?