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  1. A car by any other name
  2. More sting for the Stinger?
  3. Alternatives to the new C8 Corvette
  4. 4 wheel drive Golf GTI
  5. THE 10 best cars of 2020
  6. New Golf GTI
  7. Now see here
  8. Going... going... gone
  9. Row, row, row your gears
  10. i20N testing at Nurburgring
  11. The best engines
  12. 20 answers
  13. Ariel does it again.
  14. The 15 most beautiful cars
  15. Is your Toyota mad?
  16. MINI ups the game a notch
  17. Civic Type R by Mugen
  18. Unique interiors
  19. Budget blasting
  20. 2 G lateral acceleration
  21. 10 Best, or at least 10 good ones
  22. 1 of only 2, up for sale
  23. 500whp Mini
  24. Two months coal free
  25. Wasting money on octane?
  26. Corolla special edition
  27. EU noise restrictions
  28. Best 4 cyl engines
  29. Peugeot 306GTi
  30. Toyota Yaris GR
  31. Christmas cars
  32. Old vs New
  33. Civic Type R
  34. CR-V finally in hybrid in USA
  35. Big tax hike for UK drivers
  36. Aftermarket Hybrid System for 911s
  37. BMW vs AMG
  38. All the new VW GT* models
  39. Only 15 years left of ICE
  40. Wrc 2020
  41. Lotus collaborations thru the years
  42. New Golf GTI leaked
  43. Are your headlights cool?
  44. Cars finally legal in the U.S.
  45. Peugeot and FC merge
  46. Free performance tyres, UK only
  47. In a hurry?
  48. Megane Trophy R, worth it?
  49. Volvo owns Nurburgring
  50. The hottest hatch?
  51. Evolution of Hybrid Technology in F1
  52. Been saving your lunch money?
  53. Renault takes lap record at SPA
  54. Renault re-takes lap record at Nurburgring
  55. 300hp plus Mini
  56. 400hp Golf R
  57. Who first offered car options
  58. Elon Musk Interview
  59. How World Rally Cars evolved
  60. Hot hatches, the sequel
  61. Golf R loses 10 hp
  62. Rolls Royce SUV.
  63. U.K. announcements
  64. No more Ford cars
  65. Diesel breakthrough!
  66. Hot hatches
  67. Hyundai i30N part two
  68. VW UP! Gti
  69. 50% Engine Efficiency
  70. 2018 Jeep Wrangler - incremental FE improvements
  71. Opel returning to the U.S. ?
  72. US/Canada #1 Segment
  73. It costs how much again?
  74. Hyundai i30N
  75. Peugeot and/or Citroen returning to America
  76. '18 Mercedes-AMG Project One Video
  77. Finally, new test procedures
  78. '18 Honda Accord Powertrain Video
  79. Tesla Model 3 Production Started
  80. Dodge says don't drive the Demon below 15 Degrees
  81. Tesla Model X misses out on America's voracious SUV hunger
  82. Higher octane fuel is coming...
  83. 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid: Real-World Fuel Economy
  84. EU, UK want to phase out diesels
  85. Faraday Future in Trouble
  86. Slightly in love (pic heavy!)
  87. Gas mileage up a gallon since early '90s
  88. How CAFE killed small, efficient cars in America
  89. Are V6-Engined Midsize Sedans Way Over The Top?
  90. GM Anticipates Big Demand for Diesels
  91. 3.0L V6 Dieselgate
  92. BMW Sticking with Diesels in the United States
  93. Prechamber Combustion
  94. EPA accuses Fiat Chrysler of using software to allow excess pollution in diesels
  95. America's best selling vehicle, Ford F-150, gets diesel for 2018
  96. VW diesels gone from the U.S.
  97. MBUSA pulls new 2017 diesels after EPA approval delays
  98. U.S. new vehicle fuel economy drops for third consecutive month
  99. EPA Recalculates MPG Ratings for 2017
  100. Carmakers forced back to bigger engines in new emissions era
  101. Chevy Cruze diesel hatchback may claim highway MPG crown
  102. Prius recall
  103. Germany just banned the ICE
  104. Study: Low-emissions vehicles are less expensive overall
  105. U.S. regulators proposal would restrict big trucks and buses to speeds below 70 mph
  106. White House sets new fuel-efficiency standards for heavy-duty trucks, vans and buses
  107. New Audis help you time traffic lights
  108. Infiniti's variable compression ratio engine "Could Kill Diesel Forever"
  109. China Drivers Find Advertised Fuel Economy a Fiction
  110. Government abandons 54.5-mpg CAFE standard: US buying more trucks, crossovers
  111. Cool Renault
  112. Nissan acquires interest in Mistubishi
  113. Peugeot / Citroen may come back to the U.S.
  114. Emissions - Some good news
  115. A Welsh hydrogen car
  116. Average Annual Fuel Use by Vehicle Type
  117. Heavy Trucks in Europe
  118. Cross-Country Record In A Tesla That Drove Itself
  119. 104 MPG Peugeot wins MPG marathon
  120. Nicely balanced article
  121. Elon Musk Introduces Tesla X
  122. Cheating the test
  123. 2017 Toyota Prius
  124. When 3 turbo's isn't enough
  125. New Road tax rules, fair or unfair?
  126. Stirring up the debate again... Diesel vs Gas.
  127. New Ford Mondeo has 14 powertrains
  128. Aluminium diesel engine
  129. Black and Red editions
  130. Why Ferrari doesn't like turbos
  131. 11M Funding for Hydrogen cars in the UK
  132. Diesels being blamed for air pollution
  133. Engine remaps - any good, if so, who to use in Yorkshire?
  134. New Audi TT gets 70 MPG
  135. Somthing a bit different!
  136. I found a great website
  137. Hypermiling a Ram 1500 Ecodiesel to 38MPG
  138. Atkinson cycle helping gasoline close the efficiency gap on diesel
  139. More waste stream fuel
  140. Plastic grocery bags -> fuel
  141. Prius RECALL
  142. ScangaugeE lightening deal
  143. Car Repair/Maintenance Books
  144. Brake drag reduction clips
  145. MSN's "Most fuel-efficient cars: 1993 to 2013"
  146. In only 8 years, 100% of new Toyotas to be hybrid
  147. Next Toyota Prius to get electric all-wheel drive
  148. Ford's new engine is so small, it fits in carry-on luggage.
  149. The douchiest cars of all time...
  150. Transportation bill makes TSB repair notices available to consumers
  151. Vaporizing vs volatizing of fuel
  152. Still Fond of Honda, But Someone Please Call the Bullpen
  153. New fuel economy stsndards for medium and heavy duty buses and trucks
  154. Magnetic Gas Ionizer; Scam?
  155. New technology for recycling tires and other things
  156. VW Golf Ecomatic: Computer-controlled EOC in 1993
  157. 10 Tips Could Save You $100 a Month at the Pump
  158. Top 5 Reasons To Buy A New Car
  159. Car and Driver magazine tests gas savers
  160. Gas at $5 a Gallon
  161. Gas Price Fraud?
  162. New York Auto Show 2011
  163. U.S. to Pay for Pumps to Sell More Ethanol
  164. Joining the 40 MPG Club
  165. President Obama to Speak on Energy Security
  166. The Volt, an expensive way to be green?
  167. Gas at $4: A Subcompact Sweet Spot?
  168. Gasoline surges to the highest level since August 2008
  169. Honda, Subaru, and Toyota are top 3 for third straight year.
  170. Plural of Prius? Prii.
  171. Aerodynamic drag may be a priority once again
  172. U.S. Approves Corn Modified for Ethanol
  173. Honda to Discontinue Civic
  174. Government clears Toyota of electronic flaws
  175. Final Toyota woes report due today.
  176. Chevron fetched a higher premium for its gas than any other fuel company
  177. ExxonMobil Sees Huge Earnings Increase
  178. E.P.A. Approves Use of More Ethanol in Gasoline
  179. Can America successfully build a small car?
  180. Lean burn, EGR, CAM timing vs BSFC quantified
  181. Gas Guzzler Sales Down...So Are Fuel Sippers?
  182. "Top Tier" Gas, Is It Worth the Higher Price?
  183. mpg research ?
  184. Jay Leno on EVs: Hurray for No-Compromise Chevy Volts and Porsche Spyders
  185. Toyota Left Out Of Top 10 Affordable Small Cars
  186. Driving for FE gaining mainstream attention...in Europe.
  187. Chevrolet Stands Behind Volt With Standard Eight-Year, 100,000-Mile Battery Warranty
  188. Moonbeam
  189. GMC Granite--Turbo Charged 1.4 Liter
  190. Nascar Efi????
  191. $200 Tune Up
  192. Meet the Man Who Could End Global Warming
  193. 'Road trains' get ready to roll
  194. Regal Named as Next Buick Sedan
  195. Electric Cars & Magical Mileages
  196. Ford switching to global design
  197. New World MPG Record?
  198. US vehicle efficiency hardly changed since Model T
  199. Big algae biofuel project
  200. 1336 mpg? anyone see this!
  201. Mile per coal chunk?
  202. The seven weirdest car fuels
  203. Ethanol injection for knock control
  204. DIY LCD thermometer (for WAI?)
  205. "Automotive Fuel Economy - How Far Should We Go?"
  206. Powering the Earth
  207. One magic word slashes 50% off European car rental costs.
  208. New process for hydrogen from methane
  209. Dissolve waste polystyrene (foam cups/plates) in biodiesel for more power
  210. Another GM brand bites the dust (next week)
  211. Yeast and bacteria team up to make gasoline out of garbage
  212. Leaded gasoline reduces global warming?
  213. Phill is dead, his legacy lives on
  214. Clutch brand name reviews
  215. 100 MPG in 1992?
  216. Wood power: Would it work?
  217. Google is doing their own FE experiments
  218. E15? E20? Say It Ain't So!
  219. Energy from fresh water/salt water junction
  220. Florida announces first commercial cellulosic ethanol plant
  221. rywire obd1 engine harness for vx swaps
  222. DIY battery desulfator
  223. More & worse attempts to crush your car!
  224. Portable waste gasification plant
  225. How a PWM-controlled TCC (Torque Converter Clutch) works
  226. "Cash for Clunkers" Not much time left!
  227. Driving continues to decline as gas prices drop
  228. Big 3 Need More Than A Bailout...
  229. Honda Unveils Insight Concept in L.A.
  230. Peppier diesels, hybrids and EV's on the way!
  231. Makes too much sense to happen in the US
  232. Snake oil seller slapped with $1.25M EPA fine
  233. Get your own wind power China!
  234. What Obama presidency means for clean tech
  235. American giants start to see eco-friendly green!
  236. HHO production and electric cars in trouble?
  237. A Gust Of Green Jobs In Iowa!
  238. honda insight intake mod
  239. Chevy Volt meets NASCAR
  240. Our fellow brother Darius Tarman has made La-Times and Yahoo webpages
  241. Chrysler's New EV Unveiled On CNBC Live!
  242. The 65-mpg car Ford won't sell in US
  243. Shade(and Solar)Power
  244. Natural Gas Is Viable Option...
  245. Want to read some half-truths from GM??
  246. Want to read some half-truths from GM??
  247. theholycow's sig/link meta-thread (Warning: Contains random and miscellaneous stuff)
  248. Gasification: Ultra-Cheap Biofuel From Any Carbon Source
  249. mystery engine in 87 Mustang
  250. Another Gas Saving Site